Healthy Packaged Take-to-School Snacks That Save You Time

Fun, Savory, Crunchy, and Sweet Options Available

Back-to-School Snacks
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Back-to-school snacks don’t have to involve a lot of sugar (or a lot of prep time!). Forget boring granola bars or basic fruit cups. Let’s take snacking to the next level! Listen up, moms and dads: You and your kids will love these snacks.

Fun Fruits & Veggies

You can’t go wrong with fresh fruits and veggies: a banana, apple slices, grapes, baby carrots, etc. But those healthy snacks DO take some time to be chopped and bagged. To make life easier, try freeze-dried fruits and veggies, like the ones from Trader Joe’s, Crispy Green, and Crunchies. They're like a cross between healthy produce and crunchy chips!

Another fantastic find? KIND Fruit Bites. They taste like classic gummy fruit snacks, but they’re 100 percent fruit! Plus, they come in perfect little pouches with 60 calories each. The ingredients are listed right in the flavor: Strawberry Cherry Apple, Cherry Apple, and Mango Pineapple Apple. Throw them in a lunch bag or purse, and you’ve got a nice serving of fruit on the go! They're just one way to make fruit more fun.

Packable Protein

For a snack with some meat to it, try jerky and other meat-based on-the-go snacks. I love Vermont Smoke & Cure Minis Meat Sticks. They come in Spicy Italian Pork, BBQ Beef, and more. Shelf stable, healthy, and high quality, these aren’t your average meat sticks… they’re miniature! Have one stick or two—perfect for when hunger is hard to measure.

And you can't have meat without cheese. My go-to picks are Babybel, Sargento Snack Bites, and Sargento Light String Cheese, all perfect for when you want a little nibble before dinner. And they're great in recipes for cheese-lovers, too.

For another portable punch of protein, try StarKist Tuna Creations. Each pouch of the classic varieties has 70 to 110 calories and 14 to 19 grams of protein. Eat it with a fork in the middle of the day, or make mini tuna lettuce wraps for a pre-dinner snack.

Savory Crunch

Few sounds are better than that snacking crunch, but potato chips are typically high in fat and low in nutritional value. Try Snikiddy Organic Baked Puffs. The Mac n’ Cheese Puffs are like better-for-you Cheetos. (They even taste better!) Bonus: They come in 0.75-oz. mini bags.

And I always keep 100-calorie packs of nuts handy. They're a low-carb snack that's ideal for when you don’t want to measure your serving but need a salty fix.

Sweet Treats

Soothe your sweet tooth with brownie crisps—crispy, crunchy, and so chocolatey. Tate's Bake Shop Brownie Thins are one of my favorite takes on the trend.

For a cool-down treat, try yogurt. I like my yogurt jazzed up... Chobani “Flip”s are fun, and Oui by Yoplait is decadent.

Snack bars are great to keep in your car, office, or purse. They’re also great for lunch boxes! Try the Clif Kid Organic ZBar Filled in Double Peanut Butter. It might say “kid” in the name, but adults will love it too! Each bar has 140 calories and 4g protein. Love KIND bars? Check out the mini versions with 80 to 100 calories each. 

Wild Card

Gum! This isn’t a snack you can eat, but it can curb cravings. I love Project 7 Gourmet Gum. Have 2 pieces for 5 calories. The flavors are dessert-y and delicious: Birthday Cake, Red Velvet Cupcake, and more. When in doubt (and when feeling on the verge of hungry!), pop a piece and chew those cravings away.

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