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Theragun Massage Gun

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If you're someone who spends long hours at a desk or regularly engages in physical activity, you're probably familiar with the toll it can take on your muscles. Uncomfortable tension, soreness, and fatigue are all common side effects of prolonged periods of sitting or intense exercise. Luckily, there's an easy and accessible solution to help alleviate these distracting muscle aches and pains: a massage gun.

Is your lower back sore from sitting? Are your quads sore from running? Massage guns use percussive therapy to deliver deep tissue massage to wherever you need the extra attention. These portable devices are a simple, painless way to aid in muscle recovery and promote relaxation. What more could you ask for? And fortunately, one of our favorite massage guns on the market is $100 off its original price right now. We don't know how long this after-Christmas sale will last, so act fast to get the Theragun Prime while this price is in place.


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Buy now: Theragun Prime, $198 with discount (was $299);

There are many different massage guns on the market, each with its own features and capabilities. Some models offer adjustable intensity levels, interchangeable head attachments, long-lasting battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. But when our team of experts tested 18 massage guns, including five different Theraguns, only one model hit all the marks.

The Theragun Prime was the best Theragun massage gun that we tested. While other popular versions (like the Theragun Mini 2.0 and the Theragun PRO) made our list, they didn't perform as well as the Prime.

The powerhouse device scored high in all tested attributes, earning an overall higher rating than its more expensive counterparts. Our tester appreciated that the massage gun was quiet, easy to use, and super effective at relieving sore muscles. We also love that it comes with four head attachments to target different problem areas and five adjustable speeds to customize your treatment.

What's more, the Theragun Prime is more budget friendly than other options from the brand while still providing all the necessary features for muscle recovery. And today, it's even cheaper at $100 off its original price—so it's the perfect time to buy!

One of the biggest benefits of using a massage gun is its ability to help reduce muscle soreness and tension. The percussive therapy provided by these devices can improve blood flow and help loosen tight muscles, leading to better range of motion, improved muscle function, reduced fatigue, and speedy recovery between workouts. Massage guns can also be used as a tool for relaxation and stress relief—a great addition to any self-care routine.

If you're looking to level up your wellness in the New Year, a massage gun can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your overall wellbeing. Who wouldn't want a two-in-one device that can help your body and mind? Now is the perfect time to invest in a quality massage gun, while the post-holiday deals last. Act fast and score big on one of our favorite massage guns while the Theragun Prime is still $100 off.

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