TheShu No-Slip Shoes for Pilates & Yoga Review

The Shu for Pilates

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TheShu is more like a little slipper than a sock or a shoe. It feels light and airy, almost like being barefoot, but it does what it's supposed to: it grips. TheShu is a simple, elegant solution for people who want a safe, yet attractive foot covering for their Pilates or yoga workouts.

About TheShu

  • Men's and women's sizes, S - XL
  • Variety of color choices
  • Four styles available: Athletic, Ballet, NewSport Athletic, NewSport Ballet
  • Retails for $22.00+


  • Quality non-slip footwear for Pilates or yoga
  • Keeps feet warm and dry with good airflow
  • Easy to wash and dry; can even be worn in the shower
  • Handcrafted following fair trade principles with recyclable materials
  • Private labeling available


  • Not super-stylish, but they are nice looking


I was skeptical when AnabelFitness offered to let me try TheShu. I wondered why I would want a shoe for Pilates. I always work out barefoot and have never been tempted by yoga socks, pilates toes or any of the other footwear made for mostly barefoot exercises like Pilates. But since I got my Shus, I've worn them a lot.

I showed my Shus off at the Pilates studio where I work out and other people were immediately interested. Some were interested because their feet sweat, making them slippery when they workout. Others like their feet warmer than going barefoot allows. I imagine there are a variety of reasons that people might like to wear a functional foot covering during their workouts.

One more thing about sweaty feet: The other side of the sweat story is that while most studios are fastidious about cleanliness, some gyms, and more populated workout settings are not. A shoe or workout sock protects you from putting your bare feet where other people's sweaty feet have been. If you work out at a gym, AnabelFitness says you can even walk right into the shower with TheShu protecting you. They dry quickly.

So far I've done a mat workout and several reformer and chair workouts with my Shus. I even did standing tendon stretch on the reformer, which means that I felt really safe wearing TheShu because for some reason, standing tendon stretch is a scary Pilates move for me.

Not only have my Shus not slipped against the machines, but they have not slipped along my foot, either. This is an issue with many Pilates and yoga socks: they reposition themselves on your foot because the inside is cloth. The reason the grip on TheShu is so good is that there is no fabric between your foot and the grip material that is the sole of TheShu. TheShu also comes in two styles - ballet and athletic - that are low and high cut, respectively.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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