The FlipBelt - Review

Easy Way to Carry Your Workout Essentials

FlipBelt in Gym
FlipBelt in Gym. Courtesy of

I'm always looking for a good way to carry my mobile phone, identification, cash, and other walking essentials. When I spotted the FlipBelt as I zoomed in and out of a marathon/half marathon race expo, it stopped me in my tracks. You slip on this soft belt and you can tuck your mobile phone and other items into the four slit pockets arrayed around the tube-like belt. For a little more security, you flip it over so the openings are against your body, or even add a twist. It has a clip to secure your keys.

It doesn't have any buckles, zippers, buttons or Velcro hook-and-loop to put it on. You put it on over your head to sit at your waist or hips, and you tuck stuff into the slit pockets. The pocket space is continuous around the belt, broken only by the one seam.

I first tried my iPhone in it, which is in an Otter Defender case with a rubber sleeve. It went in pretty easily, as did my little digital camera. I could load it up with workout snacks, money and identification, and my keys. Sold! I bought one in my size, in black, to try out on my walk the next day and, if that worked out, on the half marathon.

FlipBelt debuted a FlipBelt Zipper version in 2016 that has a zippered pocket in addition to the three quick-access slits to the rest of the space in the belt. The zippered pocket is big enough for a cell phone or a passport, a great option for workouts or travel security.  Buy FlipBelt Zipper on

Unisex Polyester/Spandex Tubular Belt

The FlipBelt is made of a tube of soft, sweat-wicking polyester and spandex. It has a unisex design, with only a reflective logo. It's available in several colors, but I chose plain old black to match my walking shorts and pants. Other gals may choose a brighter color to accessorize their workout outfits.

The belts are all 3-inches wide, which is wide enough for almost any mobile phone to fit into the pockets. They come in sizes from extra small to extra large.  The extra small size would be for a woman's size 0 or man's size 23-26, with belt circumference from 25 to 33 inches. The XL fits women size 14-16 or men 26-41 with belt circumference from 34 to 48 inches.

Some people will want the belt to fit tightly, while others will want a looser fit. They claim a "no bounce" design and I found that to hold up through a half marathon carrying a mobile phone and a camera.

The belt is not waterproof. But it is machine washable/dryable, so you can get the sweat out.

Walking With the FlipBelt

There may come a day when fanny packs are back in style, but they are still a bother to put on just to carry your gear while walking, and even worse for gym workouts. Meanwhile, many times you don't have pockets where you want them when you are walking or running, especially for a large mobile phone. How can you use your apps and listen to music when you don't have a good place to store your phone for quick access?

I first took the FlipBelt on my usual three mile walk, running errands en route. I loaded it up with my iPhone, ID and money and house keys. I was happy that I had no problem with the headphone cord, it just comes out of the slit. I had no problem taking my phone in and out of the belt, even though I have a rubberized sleeve on it. FlipBelt recommends carrying such phones in a plastic bag (which they provided at the expo) so they slip in and out easier. But I didn't find that necessary.

You may also want to place small items in a little baggie or pouch to put into the FlipBelt, as it is possible for things to fall out of the slits. For extra security, they recommend turning the belt so the slits are against your waist.

I was extremely pleased that I didn't feel any bounce with my heavy phone and items as I walked. It was completely comfortable.

But what about carrying a bottle of water? Guess what, that fits, too! The drawback would be that it will be next to your body and will warm up, but you can carry a bottle of water in the FlipBelt if you need to or want to. FlipBelt debuted flat water bottles in 6 oz. and 11 oz. sizes that fit into the belt after users demanded them. See FlipBelt water botttles

It was so comfortable that I broke the rule of "nothing new on race day" and wore it on the half marathon the next day. As I take along not only my phone but also a compact camera to get photos for the web, I always have a problem with how to carry those. The FlipBelt accommodated both heavy items, plus an energy bar, tissue and other items I needed quick access to during a race.

Bottom Line on FlipBelt

This was a great purchase and I will be using it constantly for both my longer walks and my workday 15 minute walks while listening to podcasts or music. Fast forward and within a couple of years, I've worn it through 25 half marathons, despite having samples of other waistband belts. I simply find the FlipBelt the easiest to wear, with the most carrying-capacity, and it won't snag my clothing with Velcro or zippers.

Previously I fell in love with the RooSport magnetic sport pocket, which works well for travel and workouts. But the FlipBelt can carry more items and won't come dislodged, period. It will also work well for travel as a money belt.