Advice for Men on How to Lose Weight

One of the most common complaints I get from men who are trying to lose weight is that the diet industry is geared to women. Women generally want to get thinner, so advice is tailored to help them slim down. But where are the weight loss tips for men? Guys generally want to lose fat while building muscle and improving overall strength.

To find the best diet tips for men I gathered a panel of guys who are all weight loss experts. These are men who have lost weight themselves, expert personal trainers and even a Hollywood stuntman who has doubled for actors like Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Craig. They gave me their best tips and tricks to get lean and get fit fast. These are not tips to get skinny—these are tips to get buff and lean. ​

Calorie Guidelines for Men

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When men lose weight, they should follow different calorie guidelines than those provided for women. A man's body is built differently and requires more fuel. But that doesn't mean you can eat anything you want. Find out how many calories are needed by the average man and how to tailor the guidelines for your specific weight loss needs.

How to Reduce Belly Fat

The most common area for men to hold fat is in the midsection. Guys often call it a "beer belly."  But just cutting back on booze probably won't make it go away (although it will probably help). Fat in your abdomen puts you at higher risk for health problems so it's important to learn how to get your waist circumference within recommended guidelines. Top trainers—all men—explain how they train their male clients to get and keep lean tight abs.

10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Made by Men

Just going to the gym won't help you lose weight. You actually have to know what you're doing when you get there to reach your goals. Unfortunately, many men get exercise advice from their fellow mates on the weight room floor. And that can lead to disaster. Fitness trainers and fat loss experts reveal the mistakes that they see men making in the gym. They also offer quick fixes to make your workouts more effective. 

Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

Changing hormone levels can make weight loss harder as you get older.  Find out what research reveals about men who lose weight in their 40s and beyond. Then learn the eight top-rated ways to get a lean healthy body later in life. Learn the strategies the fat loss experts say work best for guys.

Functional Fitness Training for Men

Do you incorporate functional training into your weight lifting routine?  You should.  Top fitness trainers say that functional exercises are the key to staying super fit and healthy as you get older. But this type of training is also used by pro athletes to improve performance in sport. Find out what functional training is and why it matters if you want to get and keep a lean, fit body.

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