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Are donuts your guilty pleasure? If your favorite fast-food spot is Dunkin Donuts, don't worry. Believe it or not, Dunkin' Donuts nutrition isn’t all bad. You can make your trip to Dunkin' Donuts (sort of) healthy.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend regular visits to any fast food restaurant if you want to lose weight. But if you go to Dunkin' Donuts once in a while, you can keep your diet on track by choosing the lowest calorie donut and food choices.

Check Dunkin' Donuts Calories

You're not likely to find truly healthy food at a donut shop, no matter which donut shop you visit. But you can still make better choices.

  • Plan ahead: Your best bet is to check the menu online before you go and then choose a small donut with water or black coffee to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Keep it simple: If you don't have time to check the restaurant's website, keep in mind that donuts with multiple toppings and creme fillings are most likely to have more calories.
  • Portions matter: Size makes a big difference too. Some donuts, like the Glazed Stick, are very large.

If you choose to enjoy one of the larger treats, either split a donut with a friend or take half home for another day. 

Nutrition Facts

The standard glazed donut is a fan favorite at Dunkin Donuts—and it won't completely derail your diet (unless you are on a low-carb diet). The following nutrition information is provided for one glazed donut at Dunkin' Donuts.

  • Calories: 240
  • Fat: 11g
  • Sodium: 270mg
  • Carbohydrates: 33g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugars: 13g
  • Protein: 4g

If you enjoy a donut in the morning or afternoon, try to balance out your diet during the rest of the day by eating foods that are lower in sugar, higher in fiber, and provide lean healthy protein.

Curious about other Dunkin' Donuts choices? We've divided them into categories. You can reference the nutrition information on all of the restaurant's items by viewing the Dunkin' Donuts Nutrition Guide.

Best Dunkin' Donuts Nutrition Choices 

If you love their donuts, you've got plenty of varieties to choose from. Many of the popular donuts have calorie counts in the 300–400 range. But there are some treats that come in a little lower.

  • Apple 'n Spice Donut: 230 calories
  • French Cruller: 230 calories
  • Bavarian Kreme Donut: 240 calories
  • Guava Donut: 240 calories
  • Jelly Donut: 250 calories
  • Chocolate Frosted Donut: 260 calories
  • Maple Frosted Donut: 260 calories
  • Strawberry Frosted Donut: 260 calories
  • Vanilla Frosted Donut: 260 calories
  • Chocolate Frosted Donut with Sprinkles: 270 calories
  • Dulce de Leche Donut: 270 calories
  • Glazed Lemon Donut: 270 calories
  • Strawberry Frosted Donut with Sprinkles: 270 calories
  • Vanilla Frosted Sprinkles Donut: 270 calories
  • Glazed Strawberry Donut: 280 calories

And the best low-calorie donut for dieters? The Sugared Donut provides 210 calories. 

Calories in Dunkin' Donuts Sandwiches

If you can bypass the donuts, choose a sandwich instead. The calorie counts for some sandwiches are about the same, but you’ll get less sugar and more diet-friendly protein.

  • Egg and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap: 180 calories
  • Ham, Egg, and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap: 190 calories
  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap: 290 calories
  • Veggie Egg White Sandwich on a Multigrain Thin: 290 calories
  • Egg and Cheese on English Muffin: 340 calories

Remember that the calorie count of your meal is not just about what you eat, but also about how much you eat. If you want to keep your visit to Dunkin' Donuts healthy, eat a small serving of whatever you love and then you can walk out the door satisfied.

Calories in Dunkin' Donuts Drinks 

To order a Dunkin' Donuts healthy drink, your best option is black coffee or water. But there are a few other choices to satisfy your sweet tooth. All of these options list the calories for small drinks.

  • Unsweetened Iced Green Tea: 5 calories
  • Cold Brew: 5 calories
  • Sweetened Iced Tea: 70 calories
  • Iced Latte (skim milk): 70 calories
  • Hot Latte with almond milk: 70 calories

Which drinks should you avoid? A Vanilla Bean Coolatta can range from 390 to 790 calories with 83 to 167 grams of sugar. Or the Butter Pecan Swirl Frozen Coffee with Cream, which can clock in at up to 1,160 calories.

Worst Dunkin' Donuts Nutrition Choices

So which donuts should you avoid if you want to keep your trip to Dunkin' Donuts healthy? Here's are some of the highest calorie-count donuts you'll find:

  • Maple Creme Stick: 460 calories
  • Bismark: 480 calories
  • Lemon Stick: 470 calories
  • Peanut Donut: 470 calories
  • Apple Fritter: 510 calories
  • Glazed Jelly Stick: 530 calories

If you visit Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, you'll still fare better with a donut than you will with a breakfast sandwich. Many of the croissant varieties provide 500 calories or more. The sausage, egg, and cheese option, for example, provides a whopping 720 calories.

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