Healthy Gifts That Promote Wellness

Healthy Gift Ideas for Dieters and Exercisers

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Need a healthy gift for someone who is trying to lose weight? Need healthy gift ideas for a dieter or exerciser in your life? If so, you should proceed with caution. Not every dieter wants a bathroom scale or a workout device to remind them of their struggle. There are special rules you should use when buying gifts for dieters and exercisers.

Tips for Buying a Healthy Gift

Some exercisers, fitness buffs, and healthy eaters really want products to make their weight loss process easier. If the person on your list asks for a diet tool or fitness gift, then you can safely assume that you won't offend them when you wrap up an activity tracker, a new workout outfit, or a kitchen scale. But, if your loved one doesn't specifically ask for a diet-related present, then you may want to ask before you buy.

So what do you buy for a dieter who doesn't want a weight loss gift? Think about items that will make them feel good about their body the way it is now. Avoid gifts that might sabotage their healthy eating and exercise goals. For example, you may want to avoid chocolates, wine, or a restaurant gift certificate. But consider giving a gift that helps him or her enjoy a favorite hobby. 

Healthy Gift Ideas

If your loved one wants a gift to help them along their weight loss journey, these are some great diet-friendly ideas to consider.

  • Diet Books. If your loved one has already decided to slim down, a good weight loss book may be the best gift you can give. Books provided diet guidance and support and also serve as a handy reference throughout the entire weight loss journey. Diet recipe books make great gifts for healthy eaters who like to cook. Diet journal and diaries are also helpful for people who struggle to stay motivated. And diet reference books are handy as well. Often these books provide calorie counts for popular foods as well as food swaps and other cooking tips. When you buy the book, think about how your loved one might use it. Sometimes, an e-reader version is best if your loved one travels often. But others prefer keeping a hard copy in their kitchen or workspace.
  • Kitchen Tools. Weight loss is so much easier when you can prepare healthy meals at home. But for many busy dieters, cooking takes too much time. There are handy kitchen tools, however, that make healthy meal preparation a snap. A small kitchen grill, for example, is the perfect gift for someone who doesn't have space for an outdoor grill. If your loved one likes to make healthy smoothies, then a high-quality blender can make a great gift. On a budget? A small, inexpensive kitchen scale usually costs less than $30. ​
  • Meal Delivery Service. If cooking is not an option, perhaps the dieter in your life would appreciate a diet meal delivery service. If you want to choose the best meal delivery service, you'll need to ask questions and gather information. But the most popular diet food delivery plans make dieting simple and more effective for many people who are trying to slim down.
    • You may want to ask your loved one about which service is best for her diet and then read the fine print before you invest. Many diet delivery services require a monthly sign-up commitment in order to get free delivery.
  • Tech Tools and Trackers. You don't have to be a dieter to appreciate an activity tracker or fitness monitor. These cool tech gadgets track all kinds of data that can make weight loss more simple. Some devices by brands like Fitbit or ​Polar track calories burned, daily steps, sleep quality and other metrics. Others help you to ​monitor posture or stress levels throughout the day. Be sure you do your homework to find the best model for your family member or friend. A more expensive model is not always the best fit. 
  • Mind/Body Services. If you prefer to give an experience rather than a wrapped item, consider giving a massage or meditational experience. There is some evidence that services like these may help improve the weight loss process. Not sure which experience would be most appreciated? A spa gift certificate allows him or her to choose the most indulgent treatment or service.

Remember that the best gift you can give to anyone who is on a diet is your love and support. Weight loss is hard. The more support you can provide, the more likely your friend or family member is to be successful.

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