Healthy Gifts—10 Creative Ideas that Boost Wellness

Gift Ideas for Healthy Eaters and Exercisers

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Looking for healthy gifts that boost wellness and won't bust your budget? No matter how much money you have to spend, there are creative and healthy gift ideas that will let your loved ones know that you support their smart nutrition and exercise habits.

First, decide on a budget, then scan the list to see which choices your loved one will appreciate most. If your friend or family member is trying to lose weight, check out this list of presents just for people who are trying to slim down.

10 Healthy Gift Ideas and Tips

Before you head to the store or shop online for healthy gifts, make sure that your loved one actually wants one. Sometimes giving a diet or exercise related gift can send the wrong message. Ask friends or coworkers (or simply ask your loved one directly) to make sure that your gift won't land you in the dog house.

Coaching App for Smartphones

You may not be able to afford to give your loved one a personal trainer to coach them through daily workouts, but you can probably afford an app that does the same thing. If your friend or family member is a runner (or hopes to become one) consider giving Charge, a running app that provides both live coaching, motivation, and a library of workouts. The app costs under $10 per month or about $85 per year. There are other apps and online services that provide a range of workouts at a variety of price points.

Sport-Specific Shoes

Unfortunately, many exercisers wear the wrong kind of shoes for their workouts. And other athletes don't change out their shoes often enough to maintain optimal foot health. (Vionic's podiatric physician Dr. Jacqueline Sutera explains that you can tell if your shoes need replacing by placing them on a table and checking for wear in the heel area.)

You'll do your loved one a favor by gifting them new shoes for their chosen sport. Is he or she a spinning enthusiast? Consider a walkable cycling shoe like the Women's Vella by Bontrager. Has your sweetie started a new running or walking program? Check out the Fresh Foam Collection by New Balance that provides precision comfort and a lightweight feel or the FlyteFoam technology built into Asics running shoes. Both brands make shoes that come in a range of widths and styles to accommodate different needs.

If your friend or family member participates in different types of activities, check out shoes by Ryka, Vionic, and HOKA ONE ONE that are designed to keep your feet looking and feeling great.

Destination Fitness Experience

If you've got a budget that allows for a more indulgent gift, consider gifting an active vacation. Brands like Trek, Butterfield and Robinson, and Backroads provide organized cycling and multisport trips. Or groups like Active at Altitude that provide training camps for runners. You can also choose a destination and create your own experience. Find a marathon or running race in a tropical destination like Jamaica or an event by Vacation Races in one of our national parks. Then book a hotel and gift a few Skyhours to help your loved one cover the cost of travel.


If your loved one has decided to change their eating habits, a good cookbook may be the best gift you can give. Books provided nutritional guidance and can encourage you to eat new and interesting foods. When you buy the book, think about how your loved one might use it. Sometimes, an e-reader version is best if your loved one is tech savvy often. But others prefer keeping a hard copy in their kitchen or workspace.

If you're looking for something more experiential, check out classes at your local cooking store. Many classes cover specific techniques like healthy grilling, meal preparation, or soups and stews.

Kitchen Tools

Eating right is so much easier when you can prepare healthy meals at home. But for many busy people, cooking takes too much time. There are handy kitchen tools, however, that make healthy meal preparation a snap. A small kitchen grill, for example, is the perfect gift for someone who doesn't have space for an outdoor grill. If your loved one likes to make healthy smoothies, then a high-quality blender can make a great gift. On a budget? A small, inexpensive kitchen scale usually costs less than $30. ​Crock pots and air fryers are popular healthy cooking gadgets as well.

Meal Prep Set

If the lady or man in your life is one of the many healthy eaters who prepares meals in advance, then an inexpensive meal prep set will be greatly appreciated. For example, a budget-friendly meal prep set by fitlosophy sells for just $24.95 and can help your loved one get and stay organized in the kitchen. You'll find options made in glass and in plastic by different brands.

Water Bottle

Water bottle technology has made this gift (almost) a luxury item. Water bottles by brands like S'well can retail for nearly $100 or more. But you'll find options for far less. Other popular brands include Contigo, kleen kanteen, and bKr that are made out of glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

Indoor Bike Trainer

If the athlete in your life loves spin class or outdoor riding but can't always find time to get in the saddle consider giving an indoor bike trainer. These convenient fold-up devices allow you to ride your outdoor bike inside at your own convenience. Trainers can range from about $150 to $300 or more by brands like CycleOps or Blackburn. But they are far less expensive than many of the home spin bikes that have hit the market.

Meal Delivery Service

If cooking at home isn't convenient, perhaps the loved one in your life would appreciate a meal delivery service. If you want to choose the best meal delivery service, you'll need to ask questions and gather information. But the most popular healthy food delivery plans make eating a nutritious diet simple and more effective. Keep in mind that many diet delivery services require a monthly sign-up commitment in order to get free delivery so be sure to read the fine print before you buy.

Fitness Tracker

The best activity tracker or fitness monitors today function more like a smartwatch and less like a workout tool. Devices usually track calories burned, daily steps, sleep quality and other metrics that can make healthy living more simple, like heart rate zones, sleep quality, and even hormonal cycles. Others help you to ​monitor posture or stress levels throughout the day.

For example, Fitbit's Ionic and Versa 2 both allow you to listen to your Pandora channels or other music without the hassle of carrying your phone. Both devices have removable bands so that you can customize the look of the watch with different styles. And the new Charge 3 provides a sleek, sporty, but customizable design.

Devices by brands like Polar (including the watch-style waterproof Ignite with on-board GPS) and devices by Garmin tend to be popular with multisport athletes.

Check out all options before you invest. Consider whether or not your loved one will want to wear it while swimming or bathing, and the different downloadable apps that they might use.

Mind/Body Services

If you prefer to give an experience rather than a wrapped item, consider giving a massage or meditational experience. There is evidence that services like these may help improve weight loss, decrease blood pressure and provide other health benefits. Not sure which experience would be most appreciated? A spa gift certificate allows him or her to choose the most indulgent treatment or service. Or apps like Zeel allow you to arrange for a massage therapist to come to your home.

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