Tempo Move's Sleek, Intuitive Design Saved Me Space and Gym Fees

This compact system brings the gym to your living room with interactive training

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Tempo Move

Tempo Move New

Verywell Fit / Alli Waataja

What We Like
  • Compact, attractive design

  • Great variety of enjoyable, on-demand and live workout classes

  • Form feedback and health tracking informs training

  • Great value and more affordable than competitors

What We Don’t Like
  • Only compatible with iPhones

  • Form feedback only works with Tempo’s weights

  • Form feedback lacks reliability at times

  • Core dock isn’t wireless

The Bottom Line

An excellent investment for anyone tight on space, the trendy Tempo Move is an impressively compact home gym that combines ‘smart’ weights, form monitoring, and data tracking to challenge and motivate any fitness level. We love the enjoyable and extensive on-demand workout catalog, live classes, and personalized programming.


Tempo Move

Tempo Move New

Verywell Fit / Alli Waataja

If you’re one of many who decided to ditch the gym commute and opt for at-home workouts, you may have run into a few challenges: Lack of space, equipment, guidance, and motivation. And with so many home gym systems and equipment options on the market, finding a product that’s engaging, compact, and reasonably priced can be a challenge. The Tempo Move is here to solve your at-home workout woes in a footprint about the size of a square foot. 

One of the latest smart home gyms, Tempo Move uses your iPhone to track your movements through its app’s artificial intelligence as you follow along on your TV. The Tempo Move provides intuitive feedback and tips on your form, rep count, pace, and more. And the system’s smart weights detect your lifting load to suggest adjustments based on performance and fitness goals over time. It’s pricey upfront, especially because of the required subscription, but priced lower than many of its competitors. 

To find out if this system is worth the investment when stacked against its competition, I got busy busting out workouts with the Tempo Move for over four weeks, evaluating the product for ease of setup and use, equipment and accessories, size, design, membership value, workouts and classes, instructors, form and health tracking, app compatibility, and overall value. I then gave the Move a score of 1 (would not recommend) to 5 (highly recommend) for all 12 key attributes. 

Who It’s For

If you loathe long gym commutes and fighting for equipment, or just prefer a more accessible workout from the privacy of your home, the Tempo Move might be for you. An excellent option for small apartments and busy schedules, the Move keeps areas clutter-free and allows you to follow on-demand and live workout classes—while tracking your progress in real-time and helping you reach your fitness goals. The system is only compatible with iPhones for now, but the brand has announced that Android compatibility is coming soon. 

Ease of Setup: Quick plug-and-play for virtually any workout

The Tempo Move arrived with each piece of equipment neatly organized and clearly labeled inside a box about the size of a minifridge. The instruction manual was easy to follow, and setup and installation were seamless and minimal—earning the Move a perfect score for ease of setup. 

The (unloaded) cabinet was light enough to move thanks to the internal steel bar that’s meant to be used as a cable feed, but doubles as a handlebar. The Move comes along with the Tempo Core—a detachable device that connects your iPhone and TV in order to use your phone's camera to power your personal training experience. After loading the included smart weights into the cabinet, I then placed the Core on top and fed the cords through to the wall and TV. I then installed the Tempo Moves App on my iPhone and was prompted to select and scan my Tempo Move device using the Core’s QR code to pair it with my phone. It asked questions about my equipment, fitness level, and goals to help tailor my experience. 

I chose between goals of building strength, improving lean muscle definition, weight loss, boosting cardio, and overall health. I also selected my preferred length and intensity for future strength, cardio, and mobility exercises, along with specific days, times, and reminder notifications to train. Since my membership included a customized fitness plan by a Tempo coach, I browsed a handful of bios and set up a consultation—which synced with my iPhone’s calendar. Finally, a virtual demo connected the Core to my TV, where Tempo’s welcoming tutorial explained how the Core and app work. as well as how to properly position myself during training sessions. It also explained how to read the on-screen workout prompts, health tracking metrics, the community leaderboard, and more so that I could jump right into any Tempo workout.

Tempo Move weights

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

Ease of Use: Simple for any age and fitness level, but requires some comfort with tech

The Tempo Move is very easy to use from setup to sweat session, so it earned another perfect score for this key category. As mentioned, getting started is swift with the included guide and virtual walk-through, but the system does require some comfort with technology. However, anyone who uses an iPhone should be good to go with this easy-to-use system. It’s a super user-friendly experience that all age levels should find intuitive (though adult supervision is recommended for teens ages 13 and above). 

Once you’ve selected your workout of the day and have your equipment ready, you simply dock your phone into the Core and press a button to start your workout. And if something’s off, friendly prompts remind you what to do (connect to the HDMI, adjust your phone’s range or angle, etc.). The equipment is also easy to remove and load into the cabinet by yourself. I found the weight plates simple to load onto the barbells with a smooth slide and lock lever. This was especially helpful during fast-paced workouts that required quick weight changes.

Equipment and Accessories: Streamlined, stackable pieces in a compact cabinet

Tempo Move comes with a clean and stylish storage cabinet in your choice of a light or dark finish to store its sleek, durable equipment. I got the Move’s Starter—the base model of three package tiers—which comes with three sets of steel weight plates (including four 1.25-pound plates, four 2.5-pound plates, and four 5-pound plates), a pair of 7.5-pound dumbbells, four dumbbell weight plate collars, the Core, the Core’s power cord and adapter plug, and a 6-foot long HDMI cable that feeds from the Core to your TV. 

There are two tiers above the Starter—the Plus and the Pro, each with a bit more equipment and a higher price tag. Equipment can also be purchased a la carte, which is useful if you opt for the Starter but end up wanting additional pieces. I found the Starter to be sufficient for getting into an effective fitness routine. 

From the barbells to the dumbbells, all of Move’s equipment is truly top-notch and made to last. The non-slip rubber-coated weight plates are pleasant to load without the pinch of classic steel wheels. And I like that the barbell handles have great grip and are easy to clean. The Core’s round platform is made to anchor and tilt your phone as it scans your moves into the system. But I wish the Core were wireless, a feature that (according to Tempo) the company is looking into.

If you want an at-home working system that’s compatible with weights you already own, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Since Tempo’s AI tracking technology is designed to scan the shape, weight, and color of its bright proprietary “smart” weights, it won’t work with non-Tempo equipment. It’s not that you can’t use your own weights with Tempo, but it kind of defeats the purpose of investing in a smart home gym with tracking capabilities like the Move if you don’t use their weights. This limitation led me to dock a half point from the Move’s otherwise perfect score for equipment and accessories.

Size: Compact and apartment-friendly

With a footprint of a little over a square foot and a height of just under 2 feet, Tempo Move is impressively compact and sleek, making it excellent for small living spaces. The only hitch is that the Core requires 6 uncluttered square feet for a clear view of your body to accurately track your movements. This means that any objects, pets, or even Tempo equipment that get in the way can cause a misrepresentation of metrics or prompt a message to declutter your space.

You should also make sure the room is well-lit, otherwise your iPhone camera won’t pick up on your movements. Throughout testing, I was cautious to avoid excess clutter and keep the lights on during my workouts. 

Tempo Move stored away

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

Design: Smart aesthetics for the athletic 

Tempo Move is one of the rare home fitness systems that actually looks great in your home. In fact, many of my visitors tend to think this home gym is a trendy hi-fi stereo speaker or chic air purifier. The 2-foot tall cabinet—which stores all weight equipment—is made from cleanly coated steel and topped with a pretty wooden lid. You can access all of the equipment by opening the strong magnetic cabinet cover that reveals the weight plates, as well as the two-part top lid where the dumbbells are vertically stored. You can also conveniently store small items, like remotes or cords, in the other compartment of the two-part top lid.  

I appreciate that the Core can be placed anywhere in your space that’s most convenient. And I like that the cabinet nicely conceals the Core’s cords for a more discrete, clean look that helps the Tempo Move pass as aesthetic furniture.

The Move’s aesthetically pleasing design is so streamlined and functional that my only complaint is the lack of a clear, designated place for the Core when you don’t want it set up on the top lid. I found myself storing it in the cabinet next to the weights, but wish there was a better place to store it.

Membership: One-year commitment, but a reasonable rate, return policy, and coaching add-on

In addition to purchasing your Move, Tempo requires a monthly membership subscription of $39/month with a 12-month membership commitment. This is pretty consistent with other smart gym competitors, and you have 30 days to cancel your membership with a full refund on the equipment and first-month's membership. You also have the option to bundle your membership into your finance payment for the Tempo equipment.

Tempo’s membership grants you access to thousands of on-demand and live classes, a social element with fellow Tempo users, and tracking of personal progress stats and trends. For an extra $30 a month, Tempo also offers one-on-one fitness coaching, which you can try free for three months. I selected this option and chose a trainer who coached me through a completely customized program—this was a very motivating add-on. But I did wish for an option to complete a real-time workout with my Tempo coach. For this, I docked Move’s Membership rating a half point—scoring it a 4.5 out of 5.

Still, I appreciated the guidance from a professional and that extra motivational push. Tempo class instructors are fun, energetic, positive, and truly the heart behind what makes the Move a successful system.

But perhaps one of the biggest points that adds to Tempo’s membership value is that you can add up to five additional users to your account, free of charge, for a total of six Tempo profiles. Overall, Tempo’s subscription options are industry-standard and very reasonable, especially considering the multiple-user allowance. 

Tempo Move Review

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

Workouts and Classes: Upbeat, accessible, and challenging for most fitness levels 

The Move has thousands of diverse, on-demand classes that present accessibility and challenges for all fitness levels. The classes are grouped into popular collections such as “Quick Warm-Ups,” “Training for Runners,”  “Pilates Essentials,” and more. The app tailors class recommendations based on your goals or personal program and allows members to filter by level, coach, muscle group, and more. There are even meditation sessions and sport-specific workouts for surfers, tennis players, golfers, runners, and more. I appreciate the ability to access these in-app workouts even when you’re away from the Core, allowing you to stay consistent when on the go. 

Tempo classes are fun, upbeat, and sports-science structured. The knowledgeable certified trainers provide clear explanations, challenging progressions, and safe regressions for exercise execution—especially helpful for beginners or anyone recovering from an injury. They provide warmups, rest breaks, helpful tips in between sets or circuits, and a cool down that often features static stretching. I like that the app tracks class history performance to see how Tempo is helping to progress your load for optimal gains. 

Sessions are backed by the music of your choice, from chill vibes to hip hop (I’m personally fond of throwback hits and Jock Jams). It’s not as wide of a selection as some systems like Peloton, but it’s still enough to amp me up for my session. And if you crave friendly competition, the leaderboard allows you to find friends or join specific groups, like Tempo Military or Crossfitters. According to Tempo, the brand is working on a two-person connectivity capability so that members of your household can work out together—another great feature to encourage motivation.

Tempo Move in use

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

Form Feedback: Smart weights and real-time adjustments 

Now for the techy side of Tempo: The Move uses artificial intelligence that works with your iPhone’s camera to analyze your body’s movement, range of motion, and rep timing. The Core detects the bright colors of Tempo’s smart weights and its dumbbells and barbells to get an accurate read of your movements. Using all this, the Move is able to give you on-screen feedback like weight suggestions, rep number and pace (time under tension), and form adjustments to help you train. As previously mentioned, you can use your own weights but the sensor won’t track your stats, make accurate predictions, or record workouts. 

Some users complain about form-tracking inconsistencies, but I found this feature to be pretty accurate. Throughout the four weeks of testing, the Core undercounted my reps only about three times. Though few, it still felt distracting and frustrating to push past this system error mid-workout, knowing you’re not getting credit for your count. 

I would also have appreciated more detailed form correction for specific strength-training exercises, like not to round my back during a deadlift or to keep my shoulders off the ground during various Pilates moves. Everything else worked beautifully and kept me challenged during each workout—from reminding me of previous set reps to suggesting pace or form recommendations if it noticed I was unsafe or slacking in my squat lifts. 

Health Tracking: Cardio stats and trends documented in a handy, though slightly lackluster, program 

Along with tracking your workout moves, you can use your Apple Watch or a separate heart rate monitor to keep tabs on your heart health. Your heart rate, in beats per minute (BPM), is displayed on the screen during your workout alongside a multi-color coded bar called a Heart Rate Zone metric. This bar indicates what heart rate zone you are in as you train and which you’re approaching (from low to high BPM). This helped me know when to push myself or back off, and how to warm up or cool down properly. After each workout, you can see how long you spent in your target heart rate zone. I found this super helpful for understanding if I was pushing myself appropriately during my workout.

I am disappointed that the Tempo Move doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor included, which is why I didn’t give it a perfect score for health tracking. But I do appreciate that when you use an Apple Watch with the Tempo, you can use it to track your heart rate and conveniently pause your workouts mid-session.

Compatibility and Syncing: Seamless compatibility for Apple users, but puts Androids out of luck

To use the Tempo Move, you’ll need an iPhone and TV or monitor (with an HDMI port to connect the Core). Unfortunately, Android users are out of luck because the Tempo Move is only compatible with iPhone versions XR or later. But according to Tempo, this is something that the company is working on changing soon. 

I really appreciated that even when you’re not using the Tempo App, the Core lets you project other apps (like YouTube) from your iPhone to your TV. It even charges your iPhone while it’s docked, and you can connect (via Bluetooth) to your favorite headphones or speakers. 

Tempo syncs nicely with your iPhone’s Apple Health App to record physical activity from each Move workout like calories burned, duration, steps, and more. The Move also features Strava App integration, so you can get credit for all that cardio you’re doing in between Tempo workouts and classes. There’s even a Tempo Fit Club, along with various fitness challenges, that you can join within Strava, thanks to the partnership. 

Tempo Move Review

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

How We Tested

For over four weeks, I completed 40 Tempo Move workouts from their collection of on-demand classes and live workouts. I engaged in yoga, Pilates-infused HIIT, strength, meditation, and cardio training at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to gauge the variety, quality, and difficulty of Tempo’s workout catalog. I also enrolled in the personal fitness training program to assess the value of that optional service. 

Evaluating the system’s ease of setup, ease of use, equipment, size, design, membership, workouts, instructors, form feedback, and health tracking, I compared Tempo Move’s overall value to other at-home interactive gym systems. I also rated the Move on a scale of 1 (would not recommend) to 5 (highly recommend) for all key attributes to determine an overall rating. 

Price: Expensive upfront, but an excellent deal that pays for itself in savings

With Tempo’s Move, you’re paying for three major things: equipment, technology, and workouts.  Considering the amount and quality of the included equipment, form and health tracking, and live and on-demand workouts, the value is virtually unmatched by other smart gym competitors.

While the equipment alone would make this product worth it, Tempo also offers competitive prices for membership and one-on-one fitness coaching. The membership—which gives you access to an extensive library of live and on-demand workout classes, as well as form and health tracking—is $39 per month. And for an extra $30 per month, you can participate in Tempo’s advanced one-on-one fitness coaching program.

And remember, you can add up to five additional member profiles to your account, which adds to the Move’s remarkable value. You can also finance the system and memberships for one or two-year terms with Affirm, and score discounts during Tempo’s frequent promotional offers.

Tempo Move Review

Verywell Fit / Jessica Murtaugh

The Competition

With many at-home smart gyms on the market, it can be hard to know which is worth your investment. While most products feature data tracking and some level of instruction, each has something unique to offer. I took a look at Tempo Move’s most commonly compared competitors to see how they stack up.

Peloton Guide: Most comparable to the Tempo Move is Peloton’s Guide, which also uses your TV for weight-based strength training and features on-demand classes. Like the Move, Guide’s AI tracks your movement and fitness trends over time, evaluating effort and duration. But it doesn’t provide the extent of feedback for form, rep counts, and weight guidance that the Move does. The two systems are pretty similar in value and price unless you’re already a Peloton member—then you will avoid additional membership costs. At the end of the day, we think Tempo’s Move remains the more all-in-one, highly intuitive system of the two—with built-in, space-saving storage.

Mirror by lululemon: lululemon’s Mirror reflects your image on its surface, rather than a TV, while you follow your instructor in a workout or class. The Mirror’s basic package is more than twice as expensive as the Move, and it doesn’t come with any equipment. While the Mirror is best for tracking yoga, Pilates, and bodyweight workouts, it doesn’t share Tempo Move’s advanced strength-training feedback functionality. 

Tonal: Resembling lululemon’s Mirror, Tonal is a wall-mounted flat screen with long arms that uses electromagnetic resistance for weight training. Thanks to the attached resistance arms, Tonal provides more precise strength-training tracking. Its data and programming are also more detailed and customizable, evaluating recent performance for strategized muscle readiness, and also allowing you to write your own workout in the app. But Tonal is (a lot) more expensive than Tempo’s Move, with fewer options for types of live and on-demand workouts and classes.    

Final Verdict

Yes, buy it if you like strength training and home workouts.

The Tempo Move is an impressively intuitive and responsive smart gym that stands out for its quality equipment, massive library of workouts, advanced tracking, and overall value. If you’re looking for a sleek and compact device with technology designed to give you one of the most affordable, intuitive at-home smart-training experiences on the market, Tempo’s Move is truly hard to beat.


  • Product Name Move
  • Product Brand Tempo
  • Price $495.00
  • Weight 50 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 22 x 13.5 x 11 in.
  • Color Cabinet: Dark (dark natural wood, gray, and black), Light (light natural wood, gray, and white)
  • Tempo Move Starter Package Tempo Move 1x Tempo Core, 1x Weight storage cabinet (in choice of two finishes), 2 x 7.5-pound dumbbells, Steel weight plates: 1.25 pounds (4), 2.5 pounds (4), 5 pounds (4)
  • Tempo Move Plus Package Tempo Move 1x Tempo Core, 1x Weight storage cabinet (in choice of two finishes), 2 x 7.5-pound dumbbells, Steel weight plates: 1.25 pounds (4), 2.5 pounds (4), 5 pounds (4); 10 pounds (4), workout mat
  • Tempo Move Pro Package Tempo Move 1x Tempo Core, 1x Weight storage cabinet (in choice of two finishes), 2 x 7.5-pound dumbbells, Steel weight plates: 1.25 pounds (4), 2.5 pounds (4), 5 pounds (4); 10 pounds (4), 25 pounds (2), 25-pound barbell, workout mat
  • Additional equipment for purchase anytime (a la carte) 10-pound plates (4), 25-pound plates (2), 45-pound plates (2); 25-pound barbell, kettlebell system (soon ‘smart’ compatible to the Move), workout mat, folding bench, folding squat rack, weight plate storage box
  • Accessories Weight collars (4), HDMI cables, USB-C power cord, wall adapter
  • Additional accessories for purchase: heart rate monitor, resistance bands, yoga block, yoga strap, foam roller, water bottle, sweat towel
  • Compatibility iPhone-compatible only (not available for Androids at this time)
  • Connectivity HDMI
  • Required Equipment iPhone XR or later with a front-facing camera, TV or monitor with HDMI input
  • Inputs/Outputs HDMI, USB-C
  • Types of Workouts (or Workout Classes) HIIT, strength, Pilates, yoga, meditation, cardio
  • Extra Features 1:1 Fitness coaching
  • Warranty 30-day membership trial (full refund, including first-month membership) Tempo Core and cabinet: 1 year Dumbbells, collars, and weight plates: 3 years
  • What’s Included Tempo Move: Tempo Core, weight storage cabinet, 7.5-pound dumbbells (2), Weight collars (4), Steel weight plates: 1.25 pounds (4), 2.5 pounds (4), 5 pounds (4); Tempo Move Plus: 10 pounds (4), HDMI cable, USB-C cable, USB-C compatible power adapter