Sugar-Free Halloween

Keeping Your Halloween Low-Carb and Sugar-Free

Halloween Jack O' Lanterns
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You've been doing great with your low-carb eating, but what to do when Halloween comes around? Do you have the fortitude to keep your mitts out of the candy bowl? Here are some tips to help you make it through Halloween sugar-free.

Option 1: Keep the Candy Out of the House

In many ways, this is preferable, but if you have kids, you'll have to figure out about their trick-or-treat candy. One possibility is to throw a Halloween party where you can control the menu, and limit the amount of candy that will be hanging around the house for days or weeks. Be sure to include some fun Halloween-themed but non-food treats such as slime.

Trick or Treat!

But what about those trick-or-treaters? Don't you have to have some candy? And if so, will you be able to resist temptation? Here are some ideas to make it easier:

  • Don't participate. Be a fuddy-duddy and go out for the evening or turn out the lights.
  • Give out healthy treats such as packages of nuts, or non-food treats.​
  • If you're going to give out candy, don't buy it until Halloween afternoon. No use having it hang around the house.
  • Give out candy you personally don't like or are allergic to.
  • If you're going to give out candy, check out this list to see the calories and carbs in "fun size" candy.
  • At the end of the evening, bag up the candy, seal the bag, and take it out to the trunk of your car. The next morning, take it somewhere you won't have access to it -- your hairdressers, a part of your workplace where you don't often go, or to someone you know will appreciate it. Or donate it to a shelter, if you can do it that day.

What About Sugar-Free Candy?

The problem with most sugar-free candy is that most of them have problem ingredients. The worst offender is maltitol -- a sugar alcohol with 75% of the blood sugar impact of sugar, as well as 75% of the sweetness, so you end up with something that is just as bad as sugar. More about maltitol. However, if you look you can sometimes find candy that has fewer problem ingredients. ChocoPerfection bars are an example.

Homemade Low-Carb Treats

Even better, make your own Halloween treats, so you can control the ingredients. Note that for chocolate recipes, I usually include some erythritol. This is a sugar alcohol with almost no glycemic impact in most people. I find that when cooking with unsweetened chocolate, adding a sugar-alcohol really improves the result.


Just remember, when Halloween comes, the most important part is to have fun!

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