Subway Kids' Meals

Items from the Kids' Menu with the Lowest and Highest Calories and Fat

Subway kids' meals come with a 3-inch sandwich, side item, drink and a toy. Choose from a black forest ham, turkey breast, roast beef or veggie delight sandwich.

Sliced apples are served as the side item. Drink choices are milk or a Minute Maid 100% juice box.

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Navigating Subway's Nutrition Info

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Trying to find the nutritional information for Subway's kids' meals is difficult on the company's website. This is a surprise since Subway prides itself on its nutritious programs for children.

The best way to locate the nutritional information is to click the "Try our Meal Builder" button on the home page. Then choose "Meal Builder for Kids." Make your sandwich, side and drink selections to see the meal's total calories and fat grams. To see the individual item's nutritional information, hover your mouse over the item's picture.

The information below lists the Subway kids' meals with the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

Subway Kids' Meal Selection Lowest in Calories and Fat Grams

• Veggie Delight 3-Inch Sub
150 Calories
1.5 Fat Grams

• Apple Slices
35 Calories
0 Fat Grams

• Minute Maid 100% Juice Box
100 Calories
0 Fat Grams

Meal Total
285 Calories
2.5 Fat Grams

Subway Kids' Meal Selection Highest in Calories and Fat Grams

• Roast Beef 3-Inch Sub
200 Calories
3 Fat Grams

• Apple Slices
35 Calories
0 Fat Grams

• Low-Fat Milk
160 Calories
3.5 Fat Grams

Meal Total
395 Calories
6.5 Fat Grams

Source: Subway
Data last verified: August 22, 2011

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide nutritional recommendations. See the restaurant's menu for complete nutritional facts and learn more about making healthy choices for your child.