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Nearly all schools and youth sports leagues require that the players have a complete a sports physical. This pre-participation physical exam is an important part of playing sports safely.

Why Is a Sports Physical Required?

The exam can help screen athletes for potential illness or conditions that may limit or restrict their sports activity. It helps make sure that kids who play sports are physically capable of meeting the demands of a sport and don't have any conditions that may be aggravated by intense exercise.

The goal of the sports physical is to help keep sports safe and accessible to every student who wants to play. Parents are reassured by the physical that their child is appropriately developed for the sport. The school or league is assured that the children who play a sport are physically capable of the training and activity required. It may also be a requirement of their liability insurance or recommended by their legal counsel.

The sports physical rarely uncovers health problems in kids, but performing a routine history and physical exam is the best way to ensure the safety of a child who plays sports and help avoid potential risks of injury or illness.

What Is Checked During a Sports Physical?

The most common sports physical include a health history questionnaire that asks about the child's medical history of injury, illness or conditions, such as asthma and ensures that they are being properly managed.

The health history also asks about the following:

  • Emergency contact information
  • Family history of illness
  • Personal history of illness or injury
  • Diagnosed medical conditions
  • History of heart problems
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • History of head injury
  • Hospitalizations
  • Immunizations
  • For female athletes, the physical asks about menstrual cycle irregularities

The Physical Exam

The physical exam is designed to look for anything unusual including:

In some cases, if there is a health concern, a student may undergo the following procedures:

When Are Sports Physical Exams Done?

Sports Physicals are usually required about a month prior to the start of practice in order to allow time for addressing any medical conditions that are uncovered so a child can still participate in the sports even if they need to modify their training routine.

The Result of a Sports Physical Exam

In most cases, a child will be cleared to participate in sports appropriate for their age group. If the exam uncovers a medical condition that wasn't previously detected, you have the benefit of being able to address it. Families may have avoided getting regular screenings and by the requirement of the sports physical, they can ensure their child is up to date on preventative care and early detection of health problems.

The provider can recommend modifications to existing treatment that may be needed for sports participation, such as asthma or allergy medications. The sports physical can help families keep their child active both in a sport and in regular physical activity.

When you are rooting for your child from the sidelines, you know they are in a sport their bodies can handle safely.

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