Strength Programs for Sports

Training Programs for Various Sports

Explore training regimens that emphasize the physical development you need to excel in your favorite sport or activity with these specialized fitness plans and strength programs.
player about to spike volleyball over net
Weight Training Can Build Power and Speed for Volleyball
Girl is jumping on box
Increase Your Vertical Jump With Weight Training
A sprinting event during the 2012 London Olympics.
Sprinters Can Benefit From Adding Weight Training to Improve Fitness
The deadlift.
General Principles of Weight Training Programs for Sports
A professional hockey game.
A General Weight Training Program for Ice Hockey
Hiker walking along coastal path
Weight Training Program for Hiking and Backpacking
Professional golfer asian woman approach on tee off for swing and hitting golf ball and looking fairway in course. Hobby holiday and vacations in sunny morning day on club golf.
Weight Training Can Provide Golfers With a Strength Advantage
American football player training on sled at field
Football Weight Training Program
Two men playing basketball
A Weight Training Program Perfect for Basketball Players
Pitcher finishes his windup and delivers a pitch to homeplate
A General Weight Training Program for Baseball
Young handsome mixed race Boxer Fighter training hard with a kettlebell in Gym
Build Muscle, Strength, and Power With a Boxing Weight Training Program
Woman kicking the punching bag
A Strength Training Program to Train Like a MMA Fighter
Man doing pull-ups in the park
Track Cycling Weight Training Program for Explosive Power
javelin thrower
Top Weight Training Tips for Throwing Sports
A rowing team in action
Weight Training Exercises for Rowing, Kayaking, and Canoeing
A handball match during the 2012 London Olympics.
A General Weight Training Program for Handball
Field hockey
Build Strength and Speed for Field Hockey With Weight Training Workouts
jockey riding horse
How Horse Riding Can Be Improved With Weight Training
bowling competition
Weight Training Can Give You the Edge in Your Bowling Game
Sports woman on tennis court swinging racket
Weight Training Can Provide Tennis Players With a Strength Advantage
two men and a woman doing rows with kettlebells
What Muscle Fiber Type Means for Strength Training
Military recruits at boot camp.
A Great Fitness and Weight Training Workout Plan for Military Recruits
Ilya Ilyin Olympic weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting Basics
The tuck jump.
Qualities and Skills to Look for in a Sports Fitness Coach
Sports Psychology tips: positive self talk
How Positive Self Talk Can Help You Win a Game in Sports
Man putting some ointment on his partner's shoulder
7 Ways to Cope With the Emotional Stress of an Injury
periodization preparation phase
Periodization Training Is a Systematic Schedule for Peak Performance
Male athlete standing on one leg exercising with speed ladder on the sports ground
Best Agility Exercises for Athletes
Hispanic man doing speed and agility cone drills workout session outdoors - Focus on man face
How Shuttle Runs Build Agility, Power, and Endurance
Exercise instructor standing by young woman performing situps
Circuit Training Is the Workout That May Actually Work
Tips for Older Athletes
Senior Athletes Can Train Seriously With This Advice
Woman swimming pool.Underwater photo
How the Principle of Specificity Improves Athletic Training
High school basketball players.
How Can a Sports Physical Exam Help Your Child?
Female athlete with mask running on treadmill to analyze her fitness performance. Runner testing her performance in sports science lab.
The Value of VO2 Max Testing in Athletes
man and woman running on a track
How Athletes Can Build Cardiovascular Fitness and Boost Endurance
Female tennis player serving ball, low angle view
Athletes May Need More Sleep Than Their Sedentary Friends
A baskeball player practicing visualization.
How Imagery and Visualization Can Improve Athletic Performance
man doing clean exercise in gym
How Prehab Can Help You Prevent Sports Injuries
Jumping rope and spring training
10 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Sports Without Any Injuries
Women in spin class
Why Runners Should Consider Cross-Training
A woman doing tricep dips on a picnic table bench
Runners Who Exercise Their Upper Bodies Can Prevent Injuries
Runner stretching in sunny rural field
Try These Lower Body Exercises to Improve Your Running
A woman jogging over a bridge in fall
10 Core Strengthening Exercises for Runners
Man doing a plank
At-Home Strength Training for Runners That Require No Equipment
Photo of a baseball pitcher.
Thrower's Exercises to Maintain Arm Strength and Mobility
Volleyball Player
Want Weight Loss Results? Train Like an Olympic Athlete and You Will
boxing workout
Can You Really Burn 1,000 Calories in an Hour With Title Boxing Club?
woman kickboxing
We Tried It! Get the Inside Scoop on the 9Round Boxing Workout