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Strength Training Tips and Workouts

Strength training is a form of exercise that helps build muscle. It uses weight from your body mass or equipment to build muscle mass and increase overall strength.

Over time, lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. Strength training helps maintain and build muscle mass, which is important for overall health. It’s beneficial for strengthening muscles and bones, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving your ability to perform everyday activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do runners need strength training?

    A runner’s main form of exercise is likely cardio and aerobic training, but runners can also benefit from strength training. Cardio is necessary for heart health and weight management, but it doesn’t increase muscle mass like strength training. Runners should incorporate some strength training into their routines for balance.

  • Is strength training better than cardio?

    Both strength training and cardio have their advantages. One is not outright better than the other. Cardio helps build stamina and endurance, and strength training works to increase strength and muscle mass.

  • What should I eat before strength training?

    A high-carbohydrate meal with a moderate amount of protein and low amount of fat can fuel your strength training session. Complex carbohydrates provide energy. Follow the strength training session with a high-protein snack or meal.

  • Do I need equipment for strength training?

    Equipment is not required for strength training, but it comes in handy. Beginners can start with exercises that only require body weight, such as push-ups and pull-ups. You can gradually increase the weight using dumbbells, weighted barbells, and kettlebells.

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