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Explore Weight and Strength Training

Whether you're looking to build muscle or just want to get your weight under control, explore the benefits you can get from weight and strength training.
A trainer teaching an athlete how to do a barbell movement.
How to Do Barbell Snatches the Right Way
Hip thrust exercise
How to Do a Hip Thrust
Push Press
Perfect Push Press Technique and Tips
woman preparing to do gate opener
Warm-Up Your Hips With the Gate Opener Exercise
How to Do a Suitcase Carry: Techniques, Benefits, Variations
Chest Press
How to Perform the Close Grip Bench Press
women preparing to do a hip hinge
How to Do a Hip Hinge
young woman with TRX
How to Perform the TRX Golf Swing (Opposite Hands)
Handsome Man Doing Push Ups Exercise
Weight Training Exercises and Workout Basics
Leg press
The Don't-Look-Like-a-Fool Guide to Gym Equipment
weight training equipment
The Pros and Cons of Different Weight Training Equipment
How Much Weight Should You Lift to Reach Your Fitness Goals?
Woman pressing barbell overhead during workout
Is It Better to Focus on Strength or Endurance During Weight Training?
Group of people doing clean and press
Add Power to Your Workout With the Clean and Press
A weightlifter during the 2012 London Olympics.
How Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and Weightlifting Are Different
Weight lifting
Types of Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports
Young woman exercising at home with fitness ball
How to Set Up and Do Exercises in Your Home or Multi-Gym
Personal trainer guiding woman seated cable row gym
Machines and Workstations for Better Weight Training at the Gym
Smiling woman exercising.
A Beginner's Guide to Weights and Strength Training
man doing chest press with spotter
Many People Who Exercise Train to Failure, But There Are Risks
group of people in plank position doing rows with dumbells
The Pump and Burn Your Muscles Feel During or After Exercise
Woman doing a bench press
How to Use Sets, Reps, and Rest to Meet Your Exercise Goals
Woman with barbell on her shoulders
6 Ways to Prevent Muscle Loss After Working Out
woman doing tricep pushdown
How to Do Triceps Pushdowns
woman doing a leg press
How to Do the Leg Press Safely
woman doing a deadlift
How To Properly Do the Deadlift
woman doing reverse crunch
Reverse Your Crunch for a New Challenge
squat variation
10 Best Exercises to Do If You're New to Weight Training
two blue kettlebells on a purple exercise mat
General Principles of Weight Training for Muscle Building
Woman measuring waistline
How to Beat a Performance Plateau in Weight Training
Hammer Curls
Here's Everything You Need to Know to Start Weight Lifting
Black man bench presses
Here Is a Beginner's Guide to Strength Training
woman doing a bench press with a spotter
Beginner Strength and Muscle Weight Training Program
Young woman lifting weight
How to Improve Strength and Speed Through Weight Training
teenage boy lifting weights
Here Is a Weight-Training Program Specifically for Children and Teens
Athletic Male Picking Up Dumbbells in Gym
How to Build Muscle With Bodybuilding Hormones
Man exercising in a gym
11 Muscles to Work to Make Yourself Look Big
Woman working out with hand weights
Building Up and Breaking Down Muscle in Weight Training
Biomechanics Studies the Interplay of Mechanics and Bodies
Man doing a bicep curl
Tempo Variation Can Help You Get More Out of Familiar Exercises
men working out in gym
Pros and Cons of Split System Training
man doing deadlift in gym
Testing Your 1RM for Your Weight Training Exercises
Bodybuilder Working Leg Muscles In Gym
What Your Quads Are and How to Work Them
Man lifting weights
Can Phosphocreatine Build Muscle Mass and Strength?
man and woman doing bicep curls
Learn Isolation Exercises for Targeted Muscle Building
Eccentric Weight Training in Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Muscle Growth
She never skips a gym session
Is Weight Gain a Possibility While Strength Training?
man exercising with dumbbells.
How to Start a Successful Strength Training Program for Weight Loss
Woman weight lifting at the gym
High-Intensity Weight Training to Remove Belly Fat
Women lifting weights
What to Do If You Want to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
circuit training in gym
Pairing Cardio and Weight Training for Maximum Fat Loss
Tree pose
5 Exercises for Better Balance
a senior woman lifting free weights
Must-Do Strength Training Moves for Women Over 50
Woman strength training with trainer in park
You Won't Get Fit Without Doing This
young woman working out with resistance band in park
Why You Should Consider Resistance Bands for Strength Training
Woman strength training
How Learning Good Form Can Help Your Strength Training
A man doing bench press
How to Start Weight Training: A 30-Day Quick Start Guide
Stability Ball Pushup
How to Improve Muscular Strength and Definition
Man using dumbbells in a fitness class
Use Resistance Training to Improve Muscular Strength and Endurance
Weight Training
Should You Lift Weights Super Slow?