Sports Bras for Yoga

When I first started doing yoga, I didn't own a sports bra. They may not have been invented yet. Runners probably had them, but we yoginis did our practices in our everyday underwires. It was actually quite some time before I invested in sports bras, one black and one pink. I got them at The Gap. Seven odd years and many, many yoga practices later it was time for an upgrade and the sports bra landscape was looking considerably different. A quest to find the best bras for yoga was born.

I'm not the kind of person who can get away with wearing a bralet. You know those cute yoga tanks with built-in shelf bras? Not for me. I feel most comfortable in a big honking brassiere. But I'm not made of stone. I want something between a negligee and a body cast, maybe with few straps or a unique design that make it stand out. Luckily, many yoga-wear companies are rising to the challenge with bras that are both supportive and attractive.

I wanted to compare similar styles for consistency, but somewhere along the way that becomes impossible and I just had to go with whichever bra appealed to me, typically something that looked comfortable, functional and had a little bit of flair. I removed the removable padding from every bra. I discovered that all racer backs are not created equal (I have bulky trapezius muscles that make me very sensitive to wear a ​racerback falls) and bras that work great on the elliptical will not necessarily survive the transition to the yoga mat. However, everyone is made differently, so bras that didn't work for me may well be great for you.

Ultimately, I was looking for the bras that I would be happy to enthusiastically recommend to a friend. And, as a friend, let me start you off with the one pro tip that is indispensable in this situation. When you try on a bra for yoga, be sure to come into a forward bend first thing. If you fall out doing that simple move, this is not the bra for you.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturers.


KiraGrace Flirt Yoga Bra

KiraGrace Flirt Bra. Photos Courtesy of KiraGrace

Best All Around
Type: Multistrap Racer Back
Runs: True to Size

The Flirt Yoga Bra from KiraGrace really ticks all the boxes. Designed for curvy women, this compression bra manages to offer support, coverage, comfort, and style in equal measure. The multiple straps not only look cute but seem to distribute the weight so that it's not all coming down on the traps. When packing for a weekend away, this was the yoga bra I reached for, making it clear that this was my top pick.


Lululemon Energy Bra

Lululemon Energy Bra. Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Most Support
Type: Multistrap Racer Back
Runs: True to Size

Those lulus really know how to keep everything compressed and not moving at all. The Energy Bra tames the ta-tas much better than Lululemon's signature Ta Ta Tamer, which I also tried. I love the look of the crisscrossed straps on the Energy, though they sit a little heavy on the traps (your traps may vary), and I appreciate the thick band around the bottom. Lululemon classifies this as a light support bra, but it was the most supportive of all the bras I tried.

I hesitated to try the Ta Ta Tamer because I'm so put off by the name, but for the sake of fairness I gave it a go. The best thing I can say about it is that it is sized like a regular bra and is adjustable in the straps and the band. However, I found the fit and the cut to be kind of strange and no amount of adjusting made much of a difference. 


15Love Sport Bra

15love Sport Bra. Photo Courtesy of 15love

Most Comfortable
Type: Traditional Strap
Runs: True to Size

The 15love Sport Bra has a lot going for it. It's designed with interchangeable straps so you can easily update your look and choose different configurations. It's so comfortable that I took a nap in it one day (don't judge!). And it's made in the U.S.A. I found it supportive enough, but it is definitely a low impact bra. 


Lucy Perfect Core Bra

Lucy Perfect Core Bra. Photos Courtesy of Lucy

Best for Cardio
​Type: Racer Back
Runs: True to Size

I love the Perfect Core for cardio at the gym, but I was actually scared to wear it to yoga class because it is cut low in the front and on the sides. I wore a high-necked shirt with it as a precaution and I was glad I did because this is the only bra that I actually fell right out of as soon as I did a downward facing dog. It's super comfortable and flattering (as long as you remain in an upright position) and is plenty supportive for working out, but I can't recommend it for yoga.


Lolë Alpine Bra

Lole Alpine Bra. Photo Courtesy of Lole

Type: Racer Back
Runs: A Little Small

The Lolë Alpine Bra has great adjustability since you can customize both the straps and the back clasp. Lolë calls this a high impact bra, but it felt more medium to low to me. I love it for the gym and it's comfortable enough to wear all day, but it is cut a little low in the front for yoga. It would probably work great for women up to a B cup.


Cozy Orange Venus Yoga Sport Bra

Cozy Orange Venus Yoga Sport Bra. Photo Courtesy of Cozy Orange

Type: Cross-Strap
Runs: A Little Small

Try as I might, I just could not get the ​Venus Sport Bra to work for me. The straps felt tight but it's cut low enough in the front that I still felt like I was falling out of it. It gets good points for lift but not for separation. It's probably best suited to people with narrow shoulders and A to B cups. 

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