The 6 Best Sports Bras to Buy for Small Chests in 2019

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A quality sports bra is a must for a good workout, but there are so many out there, how do you choose the right one? If you're on the less-than-curvy side, you have a variety of choices, but the most comfortable sports bra will offer support while flattering your figure, instead of making you feel flat and restricted.

Before talking about some of the options available, let's first discuss the reasons why a sports bra may be important, and some of the more common concerns with sports bras.

Reasons to Wear a Good Sports Bra

Since bras are a relatively recent addition to human apparel, some people question whether they are truly necessary. The idea that going braless leads to sagging is more of a myth, and doesn't really have any evidence to back it up. Yet there are a few very good reasons to choose a good sports bra.

Perhaps the number one reason to wear a sports bra is that wearing one makes it easier to exercise, and we don't have to go into the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle. A 2015 study found that breasts were the fourth greatest barrier which kept women from exercising (following energy/motivation, time constraints, and health).

Comfort is another good reason, as well as the ability of a sports bra to absorb sweat and moisture. A good bra also reduces the risk of chafing, and the nipple condition known as "jogger's nipples." (An alternative option, especially for men or women who choose not to wear a bra is to try kinesiology tape to prevent nipple irritation).

What To Consider in Choosing a Sports Bra

When selecting a sports bra, your first consideration will be the type of exercise you plan to do. Different sports bras perform better in different situations. This has been demonstrated in treadmill testing as bras differ in how well they control breast movement based on speed. 

A 2012 study looked at factors which deterred women from wearing a sports bra. The most common complaint was that of shoulder straps slipping or cutting into the shoulders. Apparently, shoulder straps are usually the first part of these bras to fail as well. Bra fit issues were a major concern in another study.

You want enough support for high impact activities, but you don't want too much compression so that it's like wrestling an alligator every time you pull it on and take it off. It does take some trial and error, but we've put together a list of some of the most popular sports bras for smaller chested women.

Our Top Picks

Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Fiona Bra
What are the best sports bras for small chested women?. Amazon

The Moving Comfort Fiona Bra is a consistent favorite among smaller-chested exercisers for a variety of reasons. First, it has slim straps, so it doesn't feel bulky and uncomfortable, and the straps are adjustable, which isn't always the case with sports bras. It also has a padded band around the ribcage so it won't ride up, and padded cups that offer support without that annoying uni-boob look. Women with size A-C cups will find this a good choice for higher impact activities.

Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra

Champion T-Back Sports Bra

The Champion is a good staple for a workout wardrobe and a practical choice for almost any workout. It does have a little padding, which offers support and a more flattering shape (rather than flattening you out). The lining is breathable, wicking away sweat (although the outer fabric of the bra does get pretty sweaty itself). It has a padded band for comfort and offers support for high impact workouts. It can be a challenge getting it on and off, especially after sweating, but it's a great overall sports bra.

Moving Comfort Hot Spot

Moving Comfort Hot Spot Bra

The Moving Comfort Hot Spot bra is another favorite for small-chested women because it's comfortable, flattering, lightweight and it's so comfy, you can wear it all day long. It has sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry and it has a UPF of 50+ to block UVA and UVB rays. Minimal back coverage allows for enhanced range of motion. Many people love the v-neck and the straps are braided in a criss-cross in the back. An excellent sports bra! 

Under Armour Women's Seamless Sports Bra

Under Armour Sports Bra

The Under Armour Seamless Essential Bra is another great choice, offering moderate support for A cups and medium control for B-C cups. This one has a slimmer profile than many sports bras, offering less bulk with its skinny, adjustable straps. It has a soft, seamless construction and an inner layer around the ribcage for extra support. This bra makes a good option for yoga or other low impact exercises.

Balanced Tech Ultimate Performance Seamless Sports Bra

Balanced Tech

The Balanced Tech Ultimate Performance Seamless bra is a favorite of many small chested women. First, you get three for an incredible price. Second, as the name suggests, this bra is seamless and lightweight, making it super soft and comfortable. The fabric is breathable, it has removable pads and it also has adjustable straps. 

Moving Comfort Women's UpRise Crossback A/B

Moving Comfort Uprise Sports Bra

The UpRise is constructed specifically for A/B-cupped women. It's seam-free molded cups both encapsulate and compress so that you get full support for any activity. The J-hook back closure is a plus. No having to yank this one over your head.

Bottom Line on Sports Bras For Small Chested Women

There are many sports bras available, and some are better for small chested women than others. The right bra for you will depend on the type of exercise you will be doing, as well as personal preferences with regard to comfort.

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