Sportline 630 Cardio Coded Heart Rate Monitor Review

Sportline Cardio 630 Heart Rate Monitor

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The Sportline 630 Cardio is a good, entry-level heart rate monitor that is also easy to use. It displays heart rate, the percentage of maximum heart rate, exercise session time and calories burned. It also has a stopwatch function. The large number display is a plus, and it's comfortable to wear.


  • Coded, chest-strap, heart-rate monitor with sports watch display.
  • Shows beats per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate.
  • Shows Intelli-Track heart rate zone
  • Shows exercise session time and calories burned.
  • Stopwatch (chronograph) function.
  • Day, date, alarm and backlight.
  • Water resistant to 50 meters.
  • User-replaceable batteries in both the watch and the chest strap.


  • Displays heart rate and percentage of maximum heart rate


  • No in-zone alarms or memory function.

Expert Review

The Sportline Cardio 630 heart rate monitor comes in men's and women's versions. Both include an ECG-accurate chest strap sensor and a sports watch display unit. The men's is black and the women's is grey.

I find the set-up for Sportline watches to be pretty easy. In this case, you need to set your age and weight in order to display a percentage of maximum heart rate and calories burned.

The chest strap was comfortable to wear. I didn't have any problems with the device maintaining proper skin contact for sensing heart rate, even though I've had that problem with some other brands.

The unit is easy to use. Once you are ready to start your exercise session, just press the Start button on the watch. Now you can view your heart rate and the percentage of maximum heart rate, plus exercise time and calories burned, as well as the time of day. The heart rate and percentage are in big enough numbers for my aging eyes, plus there is a backlight on demand. The watch also has a stopwatch (chronograph) function for timing. You can set an alarm.

The Sportline is an entry-level heart rate monitor, however, so you can't set heart rate zones, get out-of-zone alerts, review time in the zone or save a workout to memory. Note that there is a discrepancy between what I see listed on sales site vs. what is in the product manual and what I observed. What I miss most is having out-of-zone alerts.

The Sportline 630 is listed as "out of stock" on the Sportline site, while it is still for sale elsewhere online. This may indicate that this model is going to be discontinued.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. 

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