SPIbelt Running Belt Review

SPIbelt running belt
Courtesy of SPIbelt

I've never been a huge fan of running belts. But when you're training for a marathon, you need a place to store your energy gels, keys, cell phone and other personal items during long runs. When I've tried different running belts in the past, I always felt like it bounced too much and weighed me down, especially in the beginning of my runs when it was loaded up with gels. But the SPIbelt is truly different. It looks small, but this sleek belt expands and can securely hold an iPod, cell phone, keys, up to five energy gel packs, and other small personal items. The Performance Series model features a bigger pocket so it can hold even larger phones such as the iPhone 6. It also contains gel loops for easy access to your nutrition.

And it really does not bounce while you're running. After I finished my first long run with it, I actually forgot that I had it on and didn't even take it off right away. Chafing is not an issue either — I've never gotten chafed while wearing it.

The Performance Series model also features a weather-resistant pocket and zipper so your stuff stays dry (from rain or sweat) on the run. One of the downsides of the earlier models of the SPIbelt was that it wasn't weather-resistant, so you had to worry about your phone or iPod getting wet. With the SPIbelt Performance Series, you can rest assured that your electronics are protected from sweat and rain during your runs.

I really like the SPIbelt so much that I've used it when I'm doing things other than running, such as sightseeing. Somehow the makers of SPIbelt have managed to make a fanny pack a little bit cooler.


  • Very sleek-looking.
  • Does not bounce or feel bulky around your waist.
  • Can hold a lot, even though it looks small.
  • Adjustable belt, so you don't have to get a new one if your size changes.


  • Adjustable belt — fit waists 26" - 52".
  • Available in many fun and vibrant colors.
  • Zippered pouch keeps your running essentials safe, dry, and secure.
  • Pocket expands to 8" x 3.5" x 2"
  • Fits the iPhone® 6 Plus, MOTOROLA® DROID Turbo, Nokia® Lumia 1320, Nokia® Lumia 1520, Samsung Galaxy S®6, and Samsung Galaxy Note® 4.

The Bottom Line

The SPIbelt running belt is a sleek, yet roomy, running belt that does not bounce.

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