Soyjoy Nutrition Bars

SOYJOY Berry Bar
SOYJOY Berry Bar. Courtesy of

SOYJOY nutrition bars are a good quick snack before or during walking. The all-natural ingredients are easy to understand - fruits, whole soybeans, sugar, butter and eggs like you'd bake yourself.

I liked the texture, easy to bite into and chew but not crumbly. They don't have any coatings that will melt in your pack, which is important if you are taking them along on a walk.

For those who need a small snack, the controlled portion of 130-140 calories is good. It can give you enough of a boost to get started for morning exercise or to keep going on a long walk.


  • Whole soybeans provide 4 grams of protein per bar.
  • Portion controlled, you won't have to cut the bar into multiple chunks if you are trying to keep under 150 calories per snack.
  • Natural ingredients you can understand without chemistry degree.
  • No coatings to melt so they won't be a gooey mess when you try to eat them during a hot weather walk.
  • Good texture that is easy to chew (important if you are eating while walking).
  • Doesn't crumble and leave a mess so birds are pecking at your crumb trail as you walk.
  • My walking buddy Rachel and I enjoyed the flavor of the bars.
  • The bars are naturally gluten-free.
  • SOYJOY bars have a low glycemic index.


  • Some fruit bits can get stuck in your teeth.
  • The bars have few vitamins, so they should not be considered a meal substitute.
  • Vegetarian but not vegan (contains egg and butter from milk).

Expert Review - Soyjoy Nutrition Bars

We got samples of the SOYJOY nutrition bars at the Marathon de Mayo in Reno. I think they would make a good trail snack, especially a light one when you don't want big calories of a full energy bar.

Ingredients and Varieties

SOYJOY nutrition bars use whole soybeans for protein, not highly processed soy isolate like some bars. The rest of the ingredients are also natural and understandable - sugar, butter, eggs and fruit - you feel like you could have baked these yourself.

The flavors offered as of 2015 are: Dark Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry, Banana, Berry, Blueberry, Mango Coconut, Strawberry.

Nutrition Facts

SOYJOY nutrition bars include 4 grams of soy protein and about as much of fat, with no trans fat. Then there are 17 grams or so of carbohydrate, including a bit of fiber. If used as a meal replacement or recovery bar, supplement it with a protein and vitamin source.
Calories: 130-140
Carbohydrates: 16-17 grams, with 3 grams of fiber.
4 grams of protein.
4.5-6 grams fat, with no trans fat.

As an Energy Bar for Walkers

If you take walks of two hours or less, this is a good portion-controlled snack bar to provide a bit of energy while not erasing all of the calorie-burning you did on your walk. The balance of carbs, protein and fat can also make it an acceptable snack between meals.

Texture and Packability

I really liked the texture of this bar. It is easy to bite into and chew, but it doesn't crumble. I think they got the texture just right for eating while walking. It has no coating that could melt when you carry it in your pack. The only drawback is that the real dried fruit bits can get stuck in your teeth.