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You made your goal weight! Now what?

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The South Beach Diet is arranged in three phases. What happens in Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet? This is the lifelong endpoint of the South Beach Diet. You have now attained your goal weight. But even more important for long-term success, you have learned to eat and enjoy healthier food. You can celebrate your success but you need to make the most of what you learned along the way.

Food Lessons From South Beach Diet Phase 1 to Carry Into Phase 3

You first will have gone through the restrictive food list in Phase 1, which cuts out most of the carbohydrates from your diet. This is a two-week phase to get you out of cravings for high-sugar foods. For many people, that is the bulk of their diet before they start the South Beach Diet, so it can be quite a hurdle to overcome.

But in the two weeks on Phase 1, you also learn to eat (and hopefully enjoy) healthier options. This re-education of your palate and change to your plate will be something you carry into Phase 2 and 3. lean protein, high-fiber vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Here you also learned to use unsaturated fats, nuts, seeds, and avocado.

You probably also re-educated yourself as to what a healthy food portion was, so you will know to look at a plate whether it contains more food than you should eat in one meal.

Lessons From South Beach Diet Phase 2 to Carry Into Phase 3

In Phase 2, you could add back in some of the carbohydrate-containing foods restricted in Phase 1.

Here you learned to choose whole grain bread and pasta, to choose brown rice rather white rice, and to eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables. You had to maintain portion control even with these healthy foods in order to continue to lose weight. Depending on how long you were in Phase 2, this took you weeks to months. It took dedication to make it to your goal weight.

What Can You Eat in Phase 3?

The short answer is that you can eat anything you want. But that depends on what you want to eat, and how much. You can't forget the lessons you learned in Phase 1 and 2, making better choices to enjoy lean protein, vegetables, healthy oils, and appropriate portions.

You will be able to determine the number of carbs you can add back into your diet without gaining weight. If you see your weight go up, cut back on carbs. If you need to lose weight, you can start the Phases over again.

The South Beach Diet cookbooks and recipes from their website are a great resource to go to for making delicious meals. Let them be your guide to your ongoing lifestyle in Phase 3.

How Long to Follow Phase 3

By the time you reach Phase 3, you will have learned all the skills you need to maintain your goal weight. You will be in Phase 3 for good. It is now your way of life.

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