South Beach Diet Phase 2 Food List and Guidelines

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There are two types of dieters who start Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. Some dieters who had more than 10 pounds to lose or who had strong cravings for sugar and starch will start Phase 2 after finishing Phase 1. But dieters who have less weight to lose and without those strong cravings will begin the South Beach Diet plan with Phase 2.

To lose weight successfully, download and print South Beach Diet Phase 2 food list then use the tips and advice to stick to the plan.

South Beach Diet Phase 2 Food Lists

There are a few different places where you can download and print copies of the South Beach Diet Phase 2 Food List.

  • South Beach Diet Foods to Enjoy includes allowable foods for Phase 1 and Phase 2. The list also includes South Beach Diet foods to avoid. Download and print the list and/or bookmark the page so that you can refer back to it.
  • The book version of the weight loss program includes printed lists of allowable foods for Phase 1 and Phase 2 as well as many other resources including Phase 2 meal plans, Phase 2 foods to avoid, recipes and exercises.

You may notice that there are some slight differences between the foods listed on the website and the foods listed in the book. The online version is updated more often to include new and popular foods like Stevia, agave nectar or almond milk. However, the book contains more information about why the foods are chosen and other helpful information about the diet.

If you plan to make The South Beach Diet your eating plan for life, using both resources is a good idea.

South Beach Diet Phase 2 Food Tips

There is more freedom to eat a wider range of foods during Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. There are no more banished foods, but foods to avoid and eat rarely. Use these tips to stick to the plan.

  • Introduce Phase 2 foods slowly. In The South Beach Diet Supercharged, diet founder Dr. Arthur Agatston says that a common mistake is to flood your body with too many carbs during Phase 2. He says this can trigger cravings that you worked hard to reduce in Phase 1. He suggests that you gradually add healthy carbs from the Phase 2 food list slowly over a 2-week period. If you find that you are gaining weight, cut back on portion sizes and rely more heavily on Phase 1 foods.
  • Don't go crazy with bread. The most exciting thing about Phase 2 is that you can finally eat healthy whole grain bread products and brown rice. But be careful when you shop. Many products say that they are "multigrain" or “wheat” and they are not actually made from whole grains. Some even contain trans fat or added sugars. Dr. Agatston recommends that you check the nutritional label and choose foods that contain 3g or more of fiber per serving.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation During Phase 2 you can drink wine or light beer in moderation. But keep in mind that the suggested serving is one or two 4-ounce glasses of wine or one 12-ounce light beer with or after your meal. You should also take into account how you react to alcohol. If your first serving causes your diet commitment to waver then cut the serving size in half next time or consider postponing the introduction of alcohol until a later time when the diet is second nature.
  • Equip your kitchen for a healthy living. You'll be adding fruit to your diet during Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. But fruit is easy to overeat. So it's important to measure your portions. Each fruit has a different suggested serving size listed on the Phase 2 food list. Set up your kitchen for healthy weight loss including a digital scale and measuring cups (along with your approved food lists) to make sure you're eating the right amount.
  • Practice mindful eating. In his book, Dr. Agatston says you don’t have to measure foods or count calories, but he also doesn’t say that you can eat endlessly all day long or overeat at mealtime. He builds portion control into each phase of the South Beach Diet without expressly saying so. He acknowledges that “weight gain can occur if you aren’t savoring every bite” That’s a nice way of saying: if you eat too much you’ll gain weight." So pay attention to portion sizes and avoid mindless snacking or overeating at meals.

Lastly, you may want to keep a food journal during Phase 2. Why? Because when you transition to Phase 3 you no longer rely solely on food lists. You have much more control over what you eat when you eat and how often you eat.

If you learn as much as possible during Phase 2 about the foods that make you feel good, the foods that trigger cravings, and the foods you're tempted to overeat, you’ll be more likely to continue your healthy South Beach Diet eating habits in a way that is satisfying and sustainable for long-term health.

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