South Beach Diet Food Lists

Considering the South Beach Diet? The program works for many dieters, but it's not for everyone. And not everyone follows the program the same way. For example, different people start the plan in different phases. Some dieters will start the weight loss plan in Phase 1. But others move directly to Phase 2.

Before you start the weight loss regime, scan each South Beach food list and get a good sense of the eating plan to make sure it's a program you can stick to for the long term. If you choose to start the diet, stock your kitchen and set a reasonable goal to reach a healthy goal for longterm health and wellness.

Phase 1 Tips and Advice

Most dieters experience quick weight loss during Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. But this phase isn't designed for everyone and you need to follow the plan carefully to maximize results. Use these tips to get fast and effective weight loss results during Phase 1.

Phase 1 Foods

The South Beach Diet Phase 1 food list is a surprise to many healthy eaters. Many of the foods you're used to eating are not allowed during this part of the program. Make sure you're eating what is recommended by following these tips and using these downloadable and printable lists.

Foods to Avoid During Phase 1

If you want to be successful on this weight loss program you need to fill your fridge with healthy Phase 1 foods. But there are also quite a few Phase 1 diet foods to avoid. Make sure you know what to eat and what to avoid to slim down and get ​healthy.

Phase 2 Food List and Tips

During Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet, you'll eat healthy foods to promote slower but steady weight loss. Print a downloadable Phase 2 approved foods list along with tips and advice to make this part of the weight loss program more successful.

The South Beach Diet Phase 3

Once you've reached your goal weight, you move into a maintenance phase to stay healthy. This important phase is just as important as the weight loss journey. For many dieters, losing weight isn't the greatest challenge—it's keeping the weight off that is the bigger burden. Find out how to keep your body fit and healthy.

The South Beach Diet Exercise Plan

Did you know that you are supposed to exercise when you start Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet? You are ... and it is a critical part of the weight loss program. Find out what exercises you need to do and when you need to do them to lose more weight and lose it faster.

Eating Out on the South Beach Diet

If you eat at home and cook all of your meals, then following the South Beach Diet is a snap.  But let's face it, we are likely to experience occasions when we eat in a restaurant. Learn how to navigate different types of menus to keep your diet plan on track.

Asian Food on the South Beach Diet

Chinese, Indian, and Japanese foods are perfect for healthy eating on the South Beach Diet. You just have to know which foods to choose and which menu selections you should skip when you dine in an Asian restaurant.

Mexican Food on the South Beach Diet

There are plenty of healthy Mexican foods you can enjoy while you're following the South Beach plan. And they're great choices for other dieters and healthy eaters as well. Use this guide to make sure you eat well and still lose weight when you eat in a Mexican restaurant.

Alcohol Dos and Don'ts on the South Beach Diet

Alcohol on the South Beach Diet is restricted in each of the phases.  If you are used to enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail now and then find out what the rules suggest for imbibing while you lose weight.

The South Beach Diet for Kids

If you're on the South Beach Diet, you might be tempted to offer the eating plan to your children as well. Find out which kids should be on the South Beach Diet and what cautionary steps you should take before introducing the eating plan to children. 

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