5 Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support and Compression

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A bouncing chest can be as unpleasant for men with male breast enlargement as it is for women. You may have pain or discomfort when walking, running, jumping, or exercising. Women have sports bras and you may wonder if there is a similar solution for men.

Many Men Need Chest Support

Many men have some chest development, whether it is muscle, fat, or glandular tissue (gynecomastia). This can develop due to weight gain and advancing years.

When your chest starts to sag, you may experience bouncing with activities such as running and walking. Sports that include bursts of running, such as basketball, tennis, soccer, and baseball, can also lead to discomfort.

If you have chest enlargement but no discomfort, no support is needed. But often, a bouncing chest is unpleasant and may be painful.

Another unpleasant chest problem is chafed nipples. While this can happen no matter what size your chest is (and no matter your gender), it may be more noticeable when you have breast enlargement.

5 Solutions for Men Who Need Chest Support

Several solutions can provide chest support, depending on your specific condition and comfort level. You may be reluctant to turn to a sports bra that is designed for women; there are some other options to try.

Be sure to check the return policy for any chest support items you purchase. If they are classified as underwear, you may only be able to return them if they are unworn and unwashed.

Chest Binders and Compression Vests

Underworks.com and Morris Designs have chest binders and compression vests for men. These have the advantage of being styled for men and marketed for men. Some are partial-torso designs that cover the breast area, while others are full-torso designs. They look like regular undershirts.

SPANX Shapewear for Men

The company that brought new popularity to female shapewear also has Spanx male shapewear. They have tank and t-shirt compression and core performance designs. The designs also provide stomach shaping in addition to chest compression. Wearing these designs won't be noticeable as they are full-torso designs that look like regular undershirts.

For exercise, choose designs made with sweat-wicking fabric rather than cotton (even though the cotton options are less expensive). Cotton holds moisture and will leave you damp and soggy after a workout or sports.

Plus Size Sports Bras

If you decide a sports bra is the only answer, you may have difficulty finding one large enough to fit around your chest. Some specialty plus-size sportswear companies have what you need. 

Juno Active is a plus-size exercise clothing site with various styles of plus-size bras appropriate for sports and workouts. They have sizes up to 6X in many styles, and styles feature smooth cups and compression, with wide fabric at the shoulders rather than elastic straps.

Compression Tops

You may be able to find a close-fitting top in stretchy fabric such as lycra or spandex that will provide flattening and support. You can do a search at online retailers such as Amazon for "tight undershirt," "compression base layer," or "compression tank" to see various options.

Ace Bandages

A cheap and effective solution is to wind an elastic bandage around your chest a few times to provide flattening and support. Be sure that it isn't so tight as to restrict your breathing. The problem with this solution is that the fit and effect will likely be different each time rather than consistent. It may also be obvious underneath a light shirt.

Still, you don't have to do any real shopping. And this works in a pinch if your other special-purpose chest binders are in the laundry or you left them at home while traveling.

A Word From Verywell

Male chest development is natural and occurs frequently. Getting enough healthy exercise each week is essential for a healthy lifestyle. You can take steps to make your exercise sessions as pleasant as possible and reduce discomfort by wearing chest supports.

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