5 Smart Snacks You're Probably Not Eating


Tuna Pouches

Tuna salad
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What makes pouched tuna a great snack? It's pretty much pure protein, plus it's portable. Go for tuna that's packed in water, not oil. The single-serve pouches generally have 100 calories or less. I also love StarKist Tuna Creations packets — already flavored up, and they can be stored in a desk drawer for emergency snacking. Have some on high-fiber crackers or straight out of the pouch. 

Want to turn a packet of plain tuna into a tuna-salad snack? Instead of full-fat mayo, mix with light mayo. And for a kick, add some creamy Dijon mustard. Tons of flavor without the guilt.


Hard-Boiled Egg Whites


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Here's another amazing protein pick. By removing the yolks, you get little cup-like carriers, perfect for filling. Each large egg white has around 20 calories. I like to stuff mine with salsa, hummus — even tuna. Or eat them straight with a side of fruit. 

In a hurry? Cook up an entire batch on the weekend, so you'll have them handy for easy weekday snacking. Or hop over to the supermarket or convenience store — you can often find hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerated section. 


Baked-Not-Fried Fries

Smart Snacks You're Probably Not Eating: Baked-Not-Fried Fries
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I’m talking baked veggie fries. Whether you like traditional fries or sweet ones, there's a veggie option you’ll love.

Traditional Fries: I like to do half turnips and half potatoes to maximize the serving size. Cut 6 oz. of each into French-fry-shaped spears. Bake at 425 degrees until crispy, about 30 minutes, flipping halfway through. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. (182 calories, <0.5g fat)

Sweet Fries: Love the taste of sweet potato fries? Go for butternut squash or carrots instead. Slice 6 oz. squash OR 7 oz. carrots into French-fry-shaped spears. Bake squash at 425 degrees until crisp on the outside, about 15 minutes. Bake carrots at 425 until crispy, about 25 minutes. Flip either kind halfway through. Season to taste. (100 calories, 0.5g fat) 


Deli Meat

Smart Snacks You're Probably Not Eating: Deli Meat
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Extra-lean deli slices like turkey breast aren't just for sandwiches. I like to wrap them around seedless cucumber spears or light string cheese sticks for a filling snack. You can also chop up the deli meat, pack it into lettuce cups, and drizzle with a little mustard. The possibilities are endless. A 2-oz. serving of turkey breast has around 60 calories and less than a gram of fat. 

You can find lots of varieties, including flavored and reduced salt, at the deli counter. Boar’s Head and Applegate both offer up delicious kinds.


Stuffed Strawberries

Smart Snacks You're Probably Not Eating: Stuffed Strawberries
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Like egg whites, strawberries are great little vessels. Just slice off the stem ends of large berries, about 1/2 inch, revealing an opening in each berry. Use a narrow spoon to remove a bit of the flesh inside each berry, allowing room for filling. Try these tasty pairings:

Crumbled Reduced-Fat Feta Cheese: Stuff 8 strawberries with 3 tablespoons of the feta cheese, breaking the crumbles into smaller pieces if needed. (100 calories, 4.5g fat)

Chocolate Chips and Ricotta: Mix 2 tbsp. light/low-fat ricotta cheese, a no-calorie sweetener packet, and a drop of vanilla extract. Transfer to one corner of a plastic bag; snip off the tip of that corner, and pipe mixture into 5 strawberries. Top evenly with 1 1/2 tsp. mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. (96 calories, 3.5g fat)

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