5 Smart Snacks for TV Watching

It’s tough to resist munching while watching TV—the two activities go hand in hand! If you’re going to indulge in some post-dinner snacking while you enjoy your favorite show, you should make smart choices so that you can snack without guilt.


94% Fat-Free Microwave Popcorn


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Popcorn is the classic screen snack, but the average buttery kernels are loaded with fatty calories. Not this stuff! You can have five cups for 100 calories. Yes, you read that right— five! This is the ticket if you want a snack that’ll last through your entire show and it’s totally easy to find. All the big brands make it. 


Berries, Frozen Grapes, and Pomegranates


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You really can’t go wrong with fresh fruit, but each of these bite-sized picks has something special. The berries are loaded with fiber and low in calories. Have a cup of blueberries for around 85 calories and 3.5g fiber, or a cup of raspberries for about 65 calories and a whopping 8g fiber.

Frozen grapes are super tasty, too. I think grapes taste even sweeter frozen. And you can't eat too many—if you did, you'd get brain freeze! Last but not least, pomegranates. They're a classic project food (they take a bit of work to break into), but their slightly tart taste makes you less likely to devour them mindlessly.


Veggies With Low-Cal Dip

Veggies and dip

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Sometimes, you just have to dunk and crunch. But crispy snack foods aren’t usually all that impressive in the nutrition department, and creamy dips aren't much better. That's why I like to pair crisp veggies with light dip. You get the same dunk and crunch satisfaction without the guilt!

Start with baby carrots, jicama sticks, sugar snap peas, or any of your favorite crisp raw veggies. As for the dipping sauce, go for salsa, low-fat ranch dip, spiced up Greek yogurt, or spicy mustard. Mmmmm.


DIY Kale Chips

Kale chips

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Speaking of crunch, have you tried baking up kale chips? If not, you are seriously missing out! Just lay 2 cups kale leaves (torn to chip-sized pieces, if needed) on a baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray. Spritz kale with more spray, and sprinkle with salt. Bake at 425 degrees until crispy, 5 - 8 minutes. That's it!

Tip: Store-bought kale chips are often fried and/or full of oil, so skip them and stick with homemade.


Butternut Squash Fries

Healthy TV-Watching Snacks: Butternut Squash Fries
Courtesy of Hungry-Girl.com

Fries aren’t usually considered a TV snack. They're generally so calorie dense that your portion would be gone before the opening credits. Lucky for you, vegetable fries are just as delicious and they're easy to make. Butternut squash, for example, is an amazing swap for potatoes because it’s lower in calories, so you get more bang for your calorie buck. Plus, when the squash is baked (not fried), that calorie count stays low. Make some healthy low-fat french fries then grab the ketchup and the remote!


Bonus: Housewalking

Walking through house

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If you'd rather burn calories while you’re watching TV, try housewalking, an easy and fun way to rack up some extra steps.

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By Lisa Lillien
Lisa Lillien is a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of Hungry Girl, where she shares healthy recipes and realistic tips and tricks.