RYN Footwear Toning Shoe Review

Rocker-soled stable shoes for walking

RYN Sport Walking Shoes
RYN Sport Walking Shoes. Courtesy of Amazon.com

RYN makes rocker-soled toning shoes with a difference. Unlike the instability built into shoes such as Skechers Shape-ups, the RYN shoes are stable rocker shoes. The rocker sole leads you through a wider range of motion in your walking step while also enforcing good walking posture. I liked the wide toe box, and they have extra depth to accommodate orthotics. RYN shoes have high-quality construction and a higher price point than many toning shoe designs.


  • Rocker-soled toning shoes with 45-degree slant
  • Stable air tunnel design is supportive
  • Wide variety of styles, from sports shoes for walkers and runners through dress shoes and comfort shoes.


  • It has the rocker sole that is desired by some walkers for comfort.
  • Stable and supportive rather than unstable like some rocker-sole designs.
  • Wide toe box and room for adding an orthotic insole
  • High-quality construction


  • While not as heavy as some toning shoes, they are still beefy.


RYN toning shoes have a 45-degree rocker sole, which justifies their slogan, "We rock harder." Most other rocker-soled shoes have a 30-degree slant. The more slant, the more range of motion the foot goes through with each step. That should challenge more muscles, at least initially.

RYN shoes are stable. They have a structured air tunnel rather than soft memory foam, so they support and guide the foot throughout each stride. They don't allow the foot to roll inward or outward, which helps to correct for overpronation. They also have more volume and can accommodate orthotics for those who need custom motion control and gait correction. I've tried some other toning shoes which actually made me overpronate, which can lead to injuries.

The shoes also have an arch hump, meant to stimulate the arch. I have low arches and I can't tolerate much arch support. Many people would like the extra arch stimulation, so it's up to you to decide if that is what you are seeking.

The shoes felt well cushioned and they are fun to wear at first try. The rocker motion seems natural and I enjoyed their fit and feel. I felt a good difference in my walking posture wearing the shoes as they enforce good posture.

Wearing them for 15- to 30-minute workouts, I didn't feel any abnormal stresses and didn't get any muscle aches afterward. RYN claims to reduce joint stress. They are heavier than my usual training shoes but don't feel overly heavy while walking in them.

RYN shoes have high-quality workmanship.

With any toning shoe, build up your time wearing the shoe gradually in order to prevent aches and injuries. Buy shoes from dealers that have generous return or exchange policies. Be ready to return any shoes that cause pain or are not working well for you.

The most similar shoes currently sold are Walking Company's R.O.C.S, which also have a rocker sole and which are based on the Swiss Masai shoes. You may want to compare the two shoes for the price, quality, and style before you decide which is best for you.

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