RunPhones Headband Earphones Review

Headband Earphones for Walkers and Runners

RunPhones Headband Headphones
RunPhones Headband Headphones. Wendy Bumgardner © 2013

I don't like in-the-ear earphones as they never seem to stay put for me, or I end up with ear pain after an hour or so. RunPhones have the speakers inside a sweat-wicking headband. They stay put over your ears while still allowing you to hear what is going on around you.

Summer and Winter RunPhones

The summer version has a thin band made of PolarTec PowerDry mesh fabric.

The band of the winter version is made of PolarTec PowerStretch fleece fabric, for a warmer feel.

The fabric band of either version will wick away sweat and is machine-washable after you remove the speakers. The fabric is made from eco-friendly 88-100% recycled plastic.

Wired and Wireless

Wireless versions are also available, which will be needed if you are getting the newest models of iPhones that don't have a headphone jack.


  • Can wear the RunPhones headband by itself or over or under hats or helmets.
  • The band lets in more ambient noise than most headphones or earphones. That adds a little measure of safety for walkers and runners.
  • More packable than headphones, rolls up into a tiny ball to stow away.
  •  Won't break like most of my headphones do eventually.
  • Comes in a small variety of colors.
  • One size fits most as the fabric stretches to fit, but extra small and extra large bands are also available for big and small heads. RunPhones says they are happy to exchange the band for the size you need if it is too small or too big for you.
  • Single cord extends from the back of the headband, so you won't get a tangle as you can with a Y-cord.


  • No volume adjustment on the cord. That's not really a con for me, but it may be for you.
  • While they are a little stealthy, you probably can't get away with wearing them at races that forbid the use of headphones or earphones.
  • While you won't get hat hair from RunPhones, you will get headband hair. Headphones disturb my hairstyle less than headbands do.

Review of RunPhones

I bought RunPhones when I got an online deal. I had just spent a couple of hours visiting store after store to find the kind of headphones I like to wear walking. I like over-the-head, lightweight foldable headphones, and ones that let in surrounding sounds for safety. While these used to be common, they are an endangered species in my neck of the woods. I bought a pair of pink headphones meant for little girls and within three months I had broken them by stuffing them in my walking hydration backpack.I had to duct tape them together to wear them on the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.

RunPhones were a great solution. You just slip on the headband and ensure the speakers are over your ears. They are very comfortable and I have gotten no ear pain from them at all, even on a four-hour half marathon walk.

I usually wear the RunPhones with a hat, I just slip the band over the brim. But you could also wear them under a hat if that is more comfortable for you.

I bought the summer version and they work fine over my winter running hat that has earflaps. The winter version could be a great alternative to getting a hat with earflaps, and would lessen the Elmer Fudd fashion statement.

Bottom Line on RunPhones

RunPhones have worked great for my walking workouts from 15 minutes to four hours in length. They stay in place without any fussing, which is unexpected as I have fine hair that causes most headbands to slip. I love how portable and packable they are. They work great for allowing me to listen to podcasts and music while still being aware of the sounds around me.

Where to Buy RunPhones

You can find RunPhones at online retailers. You can also find them at the manufacturer's site,

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