Running Quotes From Famous Female Runners

Reading inspiring quotes from other runners can give you a big motivation boost. Get inspired to run with these running quotes from female runners:

Shalane Flanagan, U.S. Olympic Marathoner

Shalane Flanagan
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"If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed."

Grete Waitz, 9-Time NYC Marathon Winner

"For every finish-line tape a runner breaks — complete with the cheers of the crowd and the clicking of hundreds of cameras — there are the hours of hard and often lonely work that rarely gets talked about."

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Winner, First Women's Olympic Marathon

"The challenge and the energy running requires may be a selfish one, but it actually motivates me to be stronger in my relationships."

Kathrine Switzer, Women's Running Pioneer

"There is an expression among even the most advanced runners that getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout."

Paula Radcliffe, Women's Marathon World Record Holder

"I have always felt strongly about introducing the benefits of sports to children and others. Running has brought me such a great deal as a person, and I want others to share this feeling."

Wilma Rudolph, Olympic Champion

"I loved the feeling of freedom in running, the fresh air, the feeling that the only person I'm competing with is me."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic Champion

"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret."

Betty Cuthbert

"You've got to stick at a thing, a particular thing until you succeed. I feel that's the only way to succeed — by concentrating on something in particular. Once you know what you've got to do you will succeed, you will succeed."

Deena Kastor, U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"When you have the enthusiasm and the passion, you end up figuring how to excel."

Mary Decker Slaney

"I was born to be a runner. I simply love to run. It's almost like the faster I go, the easier it becomes."

PattiSue Plumer

"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about."

Joan Benoit Samuelson

"Those long runs cleanse my system, physically and mentally."

Grete Waitz

"Spend at least some of your training time, and other parts of your day, concentrating on what you are doing in training and visualizing your success."

Benita Johnson

"Across the board, you can run up against 10 athletes where we're the same physically. They've done the same kind of training; they are in the same kind of shape. But the one that wins is the person who really believes they can win."

Kara Goucher, U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"Racing is the fun part; it's the reward of all the hard work."

Jen Rhines

"Life (and running) is not all about time but about our experiences along the way."

Joan Benoit Samuelson

"Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent."

Deena Kastor

"Run in places you love with people you like. Enjoying your surroundings and training partners will strengthen your commitment to running and bring out the best in you."

Florence Griffith Joyner

"When anyone tells me I can't do anything, I'm just not listening anymore."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

"The medals don't mean anything and the glory doesn't last. It's all about your happiness. The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing."

Wilma Rudolph

"I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened."

Paula Radcliffe

"You can't become a winner overnight, or even in a couple of years-it takes time...You will lose races and you will have to accept that, learn from it and believe that you'll win the next one, knowing that you'll probably lose that as well. All the time you have to keep believing that one day you will win."

Kara Goucher

"Do the work. Do the analysis. But feel your run. Feel your race. Feel the joy that is running."

Joan Benoit Samuelson

"Every time I fail, I assume I will be a stronger person for it. I keep on running figuratively and literally, despite a limp that gets more noticeable with each passing season, because for me there has always been a place to go and a terrible urgency to get there."

Nina Kuscik

"Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do."

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

"The glory of sport comes from dedication, determination, and desire. Achieving success and personal glory in athletics has less to do with wins and losses than it does with learning how to prepare yourself so that at the end of the day, whether on the track or in the office, you know that there was nothing more you could have done to reach your ultimate goal."

Deena Kastor

"We all know that if you run, you are pretty much choosing a life of success because of it."

Lolo Jones, Three-Time U.S. Olympian

"There's always a point where you get knocked down. But I draw on what I've learned on the track: If you work hard, things will work out."

Shalane Flanagan

"In the midst of an ordinary training day, I try to remind myself that I am preparing for the extraordinary."

Kara Goucher

"We all have had injuries and disappointments. It is a part of running. It can bring us down and at times be overwhelming when we see how far we have to go. But I encourage you all to take your time, stay inspired and focused."

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