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Injury Prevention and Running With Health Concerns

Running is fun, but it can come with some injury risks. Discover how to prevent and treat some of the most common running injuries so you can go the distance.
Man putting on knee sleeve
Do Knee Sleeves Work?
side view of woman running
15 Tips to Help You Avoid Stomach Cramps on Your Next Run
Why Your Legs Feel Heavy When Running
Legs Feeling Heavy On Your Runs? Here's What You Need to Fix Now
knee pain when running
Why You Feel Knee Pain When Running
woman sitting on a rock with foot pain
What May Cause Foot Pain After Running
x-ray image of bone fracture at 5th Metatarsal left foot
Runners Run the Risk of a Metatarsal Stress Fracture
Tired woman after a run
How You Can Avoid an Overuse Injury by Running Less
woman stretching foot during a trail run along the water
How Runners Can Prevent Top of Foot Pain
Diarrhea After Working Out: If You Have Runner's Trots
How to Prevent Runner's Trots and Workout Diarrhea
A woman running on the beach
Why More Runners Are Embracing the Barefoot Running Trend
You've got to break down before you can build up
Common Running Injuries Are Usually the Result of Stress on Your Muscles
Woman running on a road
9 Ways Runners Can Help the Environment
woman doing hamstring stretch
9 Essential Stretches to Do After You Run
two sporty young people running out on a country road
Safety Tips for Running Alone
Runner at night with city in background
Do you like running in the dark? Learn how to do it safely.
man running across bridge
6 Tips to Avoid Stumbles and Falls While Running
Men trail running at Donner Pass.
How to Avoid Injury and Stay Safe When Running Outside
A woman runs in morning fog on deserted road with telephone or electrical poles, northern California coast. (silhouette)
Why You Should Always Run Against Traffic
stretching before a run
6 Tips for Dealing With Muscle Soreness After Running
Legs and feet of joggers, running a marathon
Is It Normal Muscle Pain or a Sign You Should Stop Running?
Woman blowing nose
Is It Okay to Take a Week Off From Running?
Woman relaxing in bathtub
Is Hot or Cold Water Better for Post-Run Recovery?
water running
Try Aqua Jogging or Deep Water Running to Help Your Injuries
Hispanic Female jogger, having a cramp in her calf.
Common Running Mistakes That Lead to Injury
runner sitting on a rock with toe pain
Why Some People Develop Painful Toenails After a Run
Man holding calf in pain
Treating Leg Cramps During Long Distance Runs
Fatigued runner
Is It Okay to Run When I Have a Cold?
Woman running through field of flowers
How Runners Can Exercise Outdoors With Seasonal Allergies
Runner resting on suburban street
Prevent Embarrassing Running Problems
Runner outside holding her head
The Different Ways You Can Get Headaches After Your Run
Closeup woman massaging her painful foot while exercising. Running sport injury concept.
Causes of Fingers and Toes Swelling up After a Run
Woman stretching under bridge
How to Stay Cool When Running in Hot and Humid Weather
run foot pain
8 Common Injuries That Can Hurt a Runner's Feet
woman running on road
8 Ways to Prevent Shin Splints for Runners
woman stretching calf on a rock during a run along the water
How to Treat Tight Calf Muscles in Runners
woman with knee pain from running
What Can You Do to Treat and Prevent Runner’s Knee?
Male friends running together in a park
Treating Painful Chafed Nipples From Running
Young woman feeling pain in the ankle
What Is Achilles Tendonitis?
runner stretching on beach and touching toes
What It Means When Your Foot Goes Numb When Running
Couple running in rainy weather
12 Ways to Make Running in the Rain Better
Mature woman jogging on beach
Running and Your Aging Knees