Running Gifts for Men

Great Gift Ideas for Male Runners

Looking for a gift for a male runner in your life? Get some inspiration with these running gift ideas for men.

I bought these sunglasses for my husband and he absolutely loves them. And he's not alone. Many runners swear by Oakley's top-selling Half Jacket sunglasses. They offer the 100% UV protection that you need, and they're also comfortable and lightweight. Half Jackets also feature interchangeable lenses, so you can adapt them to different light conditions.
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Any runner who is into gadgets or tracking their distances will love one of these Garmin Forerunner wristwatch GPS systems. They track all kinds of information, including how far you ran, how to get back to your starting point, and lots of statistical data that can all be downloaded onto your computer. The Forerunner tracks the amount of calories burned and calculates them over the course of a workout. One of the unique features is a virtual partner -– it allows you to race against yourself or a set pace that you want to follow.

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The superior arch support and overall comfy feel of these sandals make them the perfect recovery footwear. Slip them on after a long run or a hard workout and your feet will thank you.

TriggerPoint's GRID Foam Roller

Trigger Point Foam Roller

TriggerPoint's GRID foam roller is one of the best on the market and all runners can use a foam roller to roll through tight muscles, knots and kinks. It's like giving them the gift of massage -- and it keeps on giving.


These headphones are a favorite among runners. With best-in-class 10-hour battery life, they'll get you through any long run or race. The JLab EPIC Bluetooth Earbuds are 100 percent splash-proof, sweat-proof and washable. They also feature a comfortable behind-the-head cable and some cool accessories, including a pouch to carry your cell phone on your runs. Available in several colors, including black, blue/gray, black/gray, and white.

Your man probably doesn't want to walk around wearing his marathon medal, but these stylish 26.2 cufflinks are a classy way for your man to show his status as a marathon runner.

If you're looking for a simple yet powerful men's running watch, the Timex Ironman 50-lap watch is a great choice. It features a timer and lap counter, so he’ll never forget which lap he's on. And the watch is water-resistant up to 99 feet, for runners who love to cool off in the water after a long, hot run.

The Polar RS100 wrist heart rate is perfect for the runner who loves gadgets and wants plenty of feedback about his runs. It combines all the heart rate features and stopwatch components runners need to monitor their workouts and try to improve their performance. A runner can easily and accurately measure his heart rate, as well as track the number of calories burned. By taking into account his current physical condition, the monitor can be programmed to guide a runner through a warm-up routine and then determine a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone.

If your favorite runner sometimes runs at dawn or night, here’s a great way to show him that you care. With 1,200-foot visibility, 360-degree visibility with 400 candlepower reflectivity, this vest will help him or her be seen. This lightweight, adjustable mesh vest is the perfect way to add visibility without bulk, no matter what time of year.

Feetures socks are a favorite among runners, thanks to their proven blister protection. The socks help them avoid blisters with their patented Coolfeet Ventilation System and seamless PerfectToe. The Coolfeet Ventiliation System provides unique 360° mesh ventilation for maximum air flow and breathability, keeping the feet dry and cool. The socks also feature bands of Lycra that hug the foot and prevent the sock from sliding all over the place.

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If the running man in your life is injury-prone or just loves a good massage, he'll love the TP massage ball. It's portable and a great to way relieve the tension in his muscles after a workout or even before a race. Designed to mimic the feeling of a human thumb, the TP ball actually changes shape after five to seven seconds of pressure on the targeted muscle. The massage ball also comes with a DVD that shows the various ways to use it.
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Men can keep the sun and sweat out of their eyes with this ultra-light Headsweats visor. Weighing less than 2 ounces, the visor is also DuPont-certified 40+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for protection against the sun. The comfy CoolMax terry band will whisk away sweat, keeping his face dry.
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These running pants are perfect to wear alone or over a pair of tights during frigid runs. The fabric -- a polyester, rayon and spandex blend -- wicks moisture and stretches to keep you dry and comfortable on your runs. The pants also have a long zipper at the ankle, so you can easily get them on and off over your running shoes.

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If the running man in your life is a dad of a young child, a jogging stroller allows him to run and spend time with his kid at the same time. The Bob Revolution is an excellent choice for parents looking for a solid jogging stroller that they can also use for non-running purposes. You can unlock the swiveling front wheel to easily navigate around tight corners and shopping aisles, or lock the front wheel forward for jogging.
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This sleek, breathable running hat is lightweight and easy to tuck into your pocket when you don't need it. Yet, when you're wearing it, it keeps your head and ears very warm. It also feature reflective elements for low-light visibility.

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This ultra-soft sleeveless T-shirt is made from moisture-transfer fabric that keeps you cool and dry. Its flatlock seam construction helps prevent chafing. Available in several trendy colors, the shirt also has reflectivity to keep you visible at all hours.

If you're looking for running gifts – either for yourself as a little reward or for another runner -- check out these running gift ideas.