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Running Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you might have lots of questions about running. Learn about getting started, building endurance, and even taking steps toward running a race.
Female runner running down urban street.
How to Overcome Your Fear of Running and Get Out the Door
Female running
What is Running Cadence and How Do You Improve It?
Multi ethnic group of young women exercise outdoor, next to the river. They are wearing sport clothing, running, stretching, celebrate, and support each other.
How Your Running Routine May Affect Your Period
Running coach cheering on a woman running.
Why You Should Hire a Running Coach
Man and woman running together
How to Plan a Running Route Using Map Apps on Your Phone
An amateur marathon and endurance athlete running Olympic National Park
5 Tips for Running in the Wind
Full length shot of a young woman running in the rain
How To Run in All Seasons
Two men running outside
6 Reasons Having a Running Buddy May Be Key to Spicing up Your Workout
woman setting up for sumo deadlift
How to Sumo Deadlift: Techniques, Benefits, Variations
First-time cold run
Tips for First Time Cold-Weather Runners
solo female runner at night
Self Defense for Runners: Tips and Tools to Stay Safe
Young woman athlete running
How Dorsiflexion Optimizes Your Running
Female runner going for an early morning run in the forest.
Peak Performance With Cross Country Running Workouts
A woman trail running in the mountains.
Learn How Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Runner
woman running with her dog
11 Reasons to Start Running
woman running on coastal mountain road
8 Quick Fixes for Running Form
woman taking a break from run to snack
How to Avoid Feeling Hungry After Runs
woman doing cable pull down
Do the Cable Pulldown Exercise for Abs and Arms
AThlete performing in green sportsarena
Build Sprint Performance With a Speed Drill Workout
Man and woman enjoying endorphin release after exercise
Endorphins: The Body's Natural Pain Relievers
Mixed race woman running on beach
Running Can Be an Enjoyable Experience But Also Is Tougher Than Pavement
Rules for Running on a Track
Etiquette and Safety Rules for Running on a Track
Germany, Frankfurt, man wearing headphones jogging on bridge
Where to Find New Running Routes Near You
Trail runner
Avoid Injuries by Choosing the Best Surface to Run On
Two women running on dirt road
How to Have a Successful and Safe High-Altitude Race
three runners jogging downhill on mountain road
Run Faster and Get Stronger With Hill Training
Man running up grassy hillside
6 Simple Steps to Running Hills Properly
Running a path near the Pacific Ocean.
Try Fartlek Training to Boost Your Speed
Family having fun running
When Can Kids Start Running?
Do not skip leg day
6 Amazing Benefits of Strength Training for Runners
man running in mountains
9 Ways to Run a Faster Mile
A female runner jogging up a hill outdoors.
Learning How to Run Hill Repeats Has Many Benefits
running etiquette
Why Runners Need to Follow Basic Etiquette Rules When Running Outside
tips for running
How to Avoid the Most Common Running Mistakes Beginners Make
woman stretching before a running race
6 Ways to Find the Best Local Running Races
How to prevent a side stich
How Can I Get Rid of a Side Stitch?
group running by water
How Running Improves Your Mental Health
A female jogging in the bank near the river in Kyoto, Japan.Women in early 20s
Tempo Running: What It Is and Why It’s Beneficial 
runner looking at watch
What Do Split Times Mean in Running?
group of runners
Understanding Running Lingo
Top Tips for Training for a 3000-Meter Race
Runner on track
How Far Is a 1500 Meter Race?
Healthy Snacks to Eat Before or After a Run
turkey and cheese wrap
11 Quick Lunch Ideas for Runners
Girl drinking fruit smoothie after running
Pre-Run and Post-Run Smoothie Recipes to Try
Bowl of corn flakes with banana slices
12 Quick Pre-Run Breakfast Ideas
Can You Eat or Drink Dairy Products Before a Run?
Tired and nauseous runner
Why You Might Feel Nauseous at the End of a Run
Coarse and fine sea salts
Should You Take Salt Before a Long Run?
Young woman running, outdoors, rear view
Should You Run on an Empty Stomach?
portable toilets at Central Park
How to Avoid Embarrassing Runner's Trots
foods to eat before a run including oatmeal, peanut butter, almonds, hard-boiled eggs, and yogurt with fruit
What to Eat Before, During, and After You Run
bowl of yogurt and fruit
Foods to Focus on After a Tough Workout
How Macronutrients Can Make for Better Running Performance
A runner holds an energy bar and a bottle of water during the Virgin Money London Marathon on April 13, 2014 in London, England.
How to Refuel Your Body on Long Runs
Signs of dehydration
Hydration Tips for Before, During, and After Your Runs
Woman with a jogging stroller
12 Tips for Going on a Jog With Your Baby
Woman running while drinking water
How to Decide If You'll Carry Water or Use Water Stops During a Race
Coconut Water
Should You Drink Coconut Water If You're Running?
Healthy Lifestyle Young Woman Running in New York City
Should You Drink Coffee Before Running?