Romantic Gifts for Runners

Some Great Ideas for Valentine's Day or Any Other Occasion

Runners are usually easy to buy gifts for because we love practical items. Just browse on running gear website or shop in any running store and you'll find a new article of clothing or running gear item that we'll gush over. But Valentine's Day gifts are another story because -- even among runners -- there's that underlying expectation that the gift can be romantic or, at least, very thoughtful. Here are some ideas that go beyond the usual technical running shirt or winter running hat:


Massage Gift Card

Runner getting massage
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Runners work hard, but they also love to relax and be pampered. A massage is a great way to help runners recharge their batteries and also prevent injuries. You can get a gift card for Spafinder Wellness 365, which can be used at more than 20,000 spa and wellness locations. Inexpensive massages are also frequently featured on deal sites like Groupon or Living Social, so check those sites for bargains in your area.


RunnerBox Valentine's Day Box

RunnerBox Valentine's Box
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Some runners may like chocolate but, let's face it, most don't want a big, heart-shaped box filled with it. A perfect alternative for your favorite runner is the Valentine's Day RunnerBox, a limited edition box from the subscription-based RunnerBox. The box is filled with Valentine’s Day-themed fuel and accessories for athletes, as well as a personalized Valentine’s Day card. From a sore muscle soak to healthy brownies, the box's treats are sure to make your runner's day.


Trip to a Runner-Friendly Destination

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If your running sweetie likes surprises, how about planning a relaxing getaway to a place where you know she'd love to run? It could be as simple as an overnight stay at spa, inn, or B&B near some great running trails. (Or near a vineyard, perhaps?)


Runners' Jewelry

Running charms
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Jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate a major race or running accomplishment. Necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry that can be personalized with names, races, distances, or times. And don't assume this gift idea only works for women. If your man isn't into wearing jewelry, you can also find other personalized items such as cuff links and key rings.


Pedicure Gift Certificate

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With issues like black toenails and blisters, runners' feet tend to get somewhat, er, unattractive looking. So a pedicure is another excellent (and budget-friendly) pampering idea for your favorite runner. And, yes, even men can enjoy a little pampering by getting their toenails trimmed and feet rubbed by a professional.


Safety Gear

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Letting your significant other know that you want him or her to be safe while running is a great way to show that you care. She'll consider that reflective vest or head-lamp a romantic gesture!


Finisher's Keepsake

boston marathon bib frame
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If your significant other recently ran a big race, such as a marathon, he may not have wanted to splurge on the pricey finish line photos. Or he may be too modest to admit that he'd secretly love to have a framed photo of his marathon finish.

So he'd appreciate it if someone else decided to do it for him. Go to the race website, order a photo, and put it in a nice frame. If you're feeling really creative, you could even get a shadowbox and put the photo, medal, finishers' bib, and any other race mementos in it.


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