Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout Review

Review - Mandi Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout
Mandi Ingber's Yogalosophy Workout. Courtesy of

Los Angeles-based yoga teacher Mandy Ingber is best known because of her most famous client: actress Jennifer Aniston. Aniston credits her undeniably great body to Ingber's method, a combination of traditional yoga asana and toning exercises that Ingber calls Yogalosophy. Ingber brings her workout to a wider audience with this video, her first yoga DVD.

The Yogalosophy Workout

As you can probably guess, Jennifer Aniston didn't get her fabulous shape by doing a few stretches and a few oms and calling it a day. This is a strenuous workout. Ingber leads you through a series of classic yoga poses, each of which is followed by a toning exercise based on the pose.

Not sure what she means by toning exercise? If you've ever done chaturanga push-ups or boat pose sit-ups, you've done this type of work, which has you moving rapidly in and out of a pose, usually for 10 or more reps. Ingber's toning exercises would not be out of place in a typical vinyasa yoga class or strength training session. In fact, I have done many of them before (while silently cursing my yoga teacher), just not so many in a row. You will definitely feel the burn, but Ingber encourages you to embrace the burn because it represents change.

Ingber's quirky commentary throughout keeps it light and funny, though there is the option to turn off her patter if it starts to annoy you.

I found her a pleasant distraction from the bad tasting medicine she is dishing out: yoga's traditional focus on being in the present moment is not going to get you through eight more rounds of squats.

Is Yogalosophy for You?

Yogalosophy distinguishes itself from the homogenous yoga DVD pack by offering a unique workout.

The inclusion of the dreaded toning exercises proves to be its distinguishing factor. If you find most yoga videos make you a little sleepy, it might be time to turn the dial up to Yogalosophy. You will not be in any danger of dozing off here; you'll be too busy sculpting your best possible butt cheek.