Recover, Relax and Pamper Yourself After a Workout

After a long walk or workout, reward yourself with a recovery session that includes ways to relax. It's OK to pamper yourself after a good workout. You will need to nourish your muscles so they can build and strengthen.


Good Long Soak in the Tub

Soaking in Spa Tub

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Fill up the tub with warm (not hot) water and add Epsom salts. It's important not to roast your muscles in hot water, they are already overstressed. Enjoy a nice soak that will help soothe sore muscles. Bonus points if you have a jet tub.


Body Scrub

At the end of the soak, I like to get off the sweat, dirt and dead skin with a spa body scrub. So many different kinds are available, you can choose your favorite. They vary in the type of gritty stuff they put in to do the scrubbing - everything from sugar to ground grapeseed to bamboo. Some of them sound like yummy desserts. I need to choose those that use natural fragrances as I am sensitive to fake perfumes.


Foot Spa

After a long walk, your feet need a good soak to refresh them. It is wise to add Epsom salts to the water if you are getting blisters or hot spots, as that helps dry them up. There are many models of foot spas available. I have a Homedics JetSpa and it works wonderfully. It has jets and bubbles. It is a vast improvement over the two plastic bags I used to use. But slightly less portable.


Mint Energizing Foot Cream

You've soaked, you've replenished, now treat your feet to some cool mint lotion that will help restore that energetic feeling. A good foot cream will also moisturize your feet to keep your calluses soft and prevent painful cracked skin. If you are training for a long distance walk, don't remove those calluses as they help keep you from getting a blister in the same area. Save the pedicure till after your big event.


Chocolate Milk or Your Favorite Latte

Keep in mind, that if you are watching your calorie intake or sugar intake, some of these beverages may not fit into your meal plan.

You can buy all kinds of fancy sports recovery drinks, but researchers say chocolate milk or your favorite latte work just as well. After a long hot walk, I love an icy mocha slushee (Dutch Bros. calls this the Dutch Freeze) from the nearest coffee shop. The key is getting some protein from the milk and some carbs from the chocolate syrup or other flavoring syrups. This gives your muscles the building blocks they need to make the most of your workout.

Keep in mind, that if you are watching your calorie intake or sugar intake, some of these beverages may not fit into your meal plan. A recovery drink is only needed after a vigorous workout, so take this into account when choosing what to drink (or eat) after your workout.


Plush ThermaTherapy Neck and Hand Wrap

Ready to relax in your recliner, listen to music or your favorite mindless television show? Moisturize your hands — they get dried out from walking. Pop this plush warmer into the microwave for a minute or two to heat it up and slip it around your neck. Put your hands into the hand warming pockets and R-E-L-A-X. It has a light scent of lavender and chamomile.

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