Are ProForm Treadmills Right for Your Home?

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill
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The ProForm treadmill brand is produced by Icon Health and Fitness, which is one of the largest fitness equipment producers in the world. The ProForm line is composed of lower-priced treadmills in general, but they also have some mid-priced models. You often will see them sold at a mass market retailer such as WalMart and Costco. These retailers will often carry models at various price levels from $500 to $1,200.


ProForm treadmills are compatible with the iFit workout system and either have a built-in video screen or a tablet holder so you can connect your own tablet to access iFit. With iFit, you get workouts powered by Google Maps and the treadmill speed and incline will be adjusted to match the terrain of a chosen route. You also have access to personalized workouts and fitness content. However, this requires a separate subscription.

Buyers should check the motor horsepower (CHP) to see if they are really getting a bargain. When selecting a treadmill in any price class, give greater consideration to the one with the better motor. It is worthwhile to buy a lightly-used treadmill with a higher horsepower motor rather than buying a new treadmill with a motor of less than two horsepower for the same price. The treadmills that sell for under $1,000 are probably acceptable for walkers, but not for runners.


The following ProForm treadmill models are listed as of 2018.

  • ProForm Performance 400i: They say this is a top-seller but they have limited quantities. It has the smallest motor with 2.5 CHP, which is still impressive compared to what was offered on budget treadmills in decades past. It has an integrated tablet holder. If you subscribe to iFit Coach the treadmill with automatically adjust the incline to match a selected trail from Google Maps. The user weight limit is 300 pounds and the maximum speed is 10 miles per hour.
  • ProForm Performance 600i: This has a 2.75 CHP motor, long 55-inch belt, and up to 10 percent incline. It also has an integrated tablet holder and is iFit Coach ready. The user weight limit is 300 pounds.
  • ProForm Power 995i: This treadmill has a 3.0 chp motor and gives a power output display for interval training. It has an integrated tablet holder and is iFit-ready. The incline goes up to 12 percent and the speed up to 12 mile per hour. It has hand-grip heart rate sensors in the handlebars. The user weight limit is 325 pounds.
  • Proform Power 1295i: This treadmill has a 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen that you can use to access your home WiFi connection and use with iFit. It has a 3.5 CHP motor. It has incline up to 15 percent and a top speed of 12 miles per hour. It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • ProForm Pro 2000: give this treadmill a top rating in its price category. In addition to 12 percent incline, it has minus 3 percent decline, so you can train your downhill muscles as well. It includes a Polar wireless chest strap heart rate sensor. It has an integrated tablet holder. The weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • ProForm Pro 5000: It has a big 4.0 CHP motor, 12 percent incline and minus 3 percent decline, and speed up to 12 miles per hour. It has a 14-inch high-definition touchscreen built in and you can access content from your home WiFi connection.
  • ProForm Pro 9000: It has similar features to the Pro 5000 but has a 22-inch high-definition touchscreen.

Discontinued Models

You may find other models still being sold at stores. A discontinued model will still carry a warranty and be supported by the manufacturer. But newer models may have updated features that these models do not. These models have been dropped from the ProForm lineup since 2016:

  • ProForm Power 1495
  • Proform Power 795
  • ProForm Premier 900
  • ProForm Sport 5.0
  • Proform Sport 7.5
  • ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill
  • ProForm Premier 1300
  • ProForm Boston Marathon 3.0
  • ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0


If you buy a ProForm treadmill directly from the manufacturer, they provide free shipping, financing, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Note that the free shipping is only to curbside and you must move the treadmill to its location in your house and assemble it unless you also purchase in-home assembly service. The ProForm website has easy-to-use instructions to do some basic maintenance and repairs.

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