The 6 Best Products to Keep Your Shoelaces Tied to Buy in 2018

Always retying your laces? Try these genius products to keep them in place

Shoelaces seem to be designed to come untied. It is annoying and unsafe to have to keep stopping and retying your shoes, but you don't want to risk tripping and falling. These gizmos and systems help keep your shoelaces tied. You can learn to tie a secure knot, use a tacky stick to make your existing laces less likely to untie, use lace locks on your current laces, or use replacement lacing systems. Some of them are useful for people who don't want to have to untie their shoes, but be able to slip them on and off while they remain secure. That can be important if you have back problems or lack flexibility to bend over and touch your toes.


These replacement laces feature a lace lock system so you won't ever have to tie your shoes. Instead, you'll simply release and secure the lack lock to take them off or put them on. These come in a variety of colors. You can easily adjust the tension and fit of your laces throughout the day as well. Best of all, they are reflective for night safety when you are walking or running.


This elastic lace system uses shorter lengths of elastic laces locked with a clip. You use one Snaplace unit for each two to three eyelet holes. It is a good solution for being able to get into and out of your shoes by unclipping and reclipping. This is a good solution if you have trouble with back pain, etc. when bending over to lace your shoes. It also allows you to have different tension at different areas of the foot, such as looser over the toe box and tighter at the ankle. The laces and clips come in a variety of colors. They even have reflective laces, which are great for safety when walking.


These elastic laces promise to stay tied, plus they expand and contract with your feet. They really work as promised and are a great convenience for people who have trouble bending over and tying their shoes. A reviewer reports using them on her distance training shoes for several months, including during a half marathon, without having to re-tie or adjust them. They come in white or black and short, medium, and long. The medium length is plenty long for your athletic shoes, even if you use fancy shoe lacing techniques to get a better fit.


Yankz is a complete system of laces and lock. The instructional video is amusing with a tongue-in-cheek nod to "space age technology to keep your shoes tied."


These elastic laces have collapsible knots that allow you to achieve a custom fit between each eyelet. If you have problems with your laces tightening or loosening, especially as you walk up and down hills, this is one answer to that problem. The little knots keep the laces from slipping through your lace eyelets, while the elastic allows for expansion as your foot moves and swells during walking workouts. You don't actually tie these laces, instead, you just adjust or trim them at the top eyelet.


Nathan Lock Laces is an elastic shoelace and locking system that features elastic laces combined with a spring activated locking device. You never need to tie your laces, just adjust the spring lock. You keep the loose ends contained in a clip, which you can tuck under your laces to keep things tidy. They come in a variety of colors. They are another system that is useful if you can't bend over to tie and untie your shoes.


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