The 9 Best Products to Help Prevent and Treat Foot Blisters

Keep your feet blister-free

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If you’re an avid runner, there’s nothing more painful than having blisters on your foot. Blisters not only impede your training, but they’re also very painful. Taking steps to prevent foot blisters can help make your runs much more comfortable and pain-free. Try some of these products to help prevent and treat blisters from running. The best practice is to prevent a blister in the first place. However, if you can already feel the pain of a blister, there are products to treat them. 

Here, the best products on the market to prevent or treat blisters. 

BodyGlide FootGlide Foot Anti-Blister Balm

Foot Glide Anti Blister Balm

2Toms BlisterShield


BlisterShield eliminates or greatly reduces the friction that causes painful blisters and chafing. This silicone-based product is non-greasy and can be applied daily before running. It won't rub off during your runs ​but is easily removed with a little soap and water.

Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Pads

Spenco Blister Pad

Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Pads are hydrocolloid pads bordered by a thin film to help keep blisters from drying out. They absorb perspiration and help promote a scab free, naturally healed blister.

Gold Bond Body Powder

Gold bond powder

Wearing the right socks help keep your feet dry, but a little sprinkle of powder can't hurt. Just put a little bit of Gold Bond Powder in your socks before putting them on. Some added bonuses: The powder helps neutralize foot odor and also contains a special cooling ingredient to help keep your feet comfortable.

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus Padding Roll


Moleskin can also be used to cover a blister that has already formed. It's a much better option than covering your blisters with Band-Aids, which tend to move around a lot and could lead to more blisters.

Moleskin comes in sheets, so you can cut the size and shape that you need to cover. Once you stick it on, it stays put. Some runners also put moleskin over "hot spots" on their feet that are prone to blisters, as a preventive measure. If you do this, just make sure the moleskin is applied smoothly (no wrinkles) and not too tight.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Aquaphor is a great alternative to BodyGlide, and unlike BodyGlide, it's available in most drugstores.

Adventure Medical Kits GlacierGel Blister Medic

Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic (24ct)

Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic kit contains everything you need to help prevent and treat blisters, including moleskin adhesive, bandages, Spenco Second Skin, double antibiotic ointments, mole foam, antiseptic towelettes, and even a small pair of folding scissors. It all comes in a lightweight and convenient kit.

Balega Blister Resist Crew Socks



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