Prenatal Yoga During the Second Trimester

Pregnant woman doing Warrior 2 at home

The second trimester is the glory days for prenatal yoga. Your morning sickness has probably abated (or will do so soon) and while your belly is growing, it hasn’t yet begun to hamper your ability to move freely. This is the time to get into a rhythm of regularly attending prenatal yoga classes.

Below, you'll find advice on the issues that are most likely to arise for women doing yoga during their second trimester. If you are just getting started with yoga during pregnancy, read these prenatal yoga dos and don'ts first for some important information.

New Yogis

If you have never done yoga before, the second trimester is the perfect time to start. Make sure to find a prenatal yoga class with an experienced teacher. Many women explore yoga for the first time during pregnancy, so don't worry that you will be the only new yogi in class.

In addition to making you more physically comfortable in the months ahead, prenatal yoga classes are often your only forum for meeting other pregnant women. The sense of community and support this fosters is a major benefit of prenatal yoga, one that is at least as important as the physical aspects.

Experienced Yogis

You may be starting to find that your regular yoga classes are a bit too intense and any prenatal classes that previously seemed too gentle are feeling more your speed. Of course, there is no reason to give up your regular classes if you still feel strong and are able to incorporate your own adaptations to poses that are not appropriate as your belly grows. One wonderful thing you can get from attending prenatal yoga classes, however, is a chance to meet and compare notes with other pregnant women. This can prove an invaluable source of support and information.

Home Practitioners

Likewise, even if you are an avid home practitioner, you may want to try attending a prenatal yoga class once or twice a week for the camaraderie and sense of community these classes foster. When you do practice at home, be sure to include prenatal sun salutations.

Morning Sickness

Hopefully, any morning sickness you experienced in the first trimester is over and you are feeling a lot better physically. If your nausea is lingering, continue to take it easy on yourself.

Going Public

By the second trimester, most women feel comfortable sharing the fact that they are pregnant. If you are still trying to keep it quiet and have not started to show, it is still important to tell any yoga teachers you have that you are pregnant and how far along you are so they can adapt the types of variations and adjustments they offer you.

Second Trimester Adaptations

Many prenatal adaptations are designed to accommodate a big belly and prevent compression of the uterus. The size of your belly can vary greatly in the second trimester, but chances are you are starting to show, which means the uterus is no longer protected by the pelvis. So you are going to want to start adapting your poses accordingly, perhaps avoiding poses where you lie on your stomach and deep twists.

Want More Info?

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