Pouches and Shoes for the Nike+ Sensor

The Nike+ Sportband and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit have a sensor that is meant to be placed in a specially designed pocket under the insole in the footbed of a Nike+ shoe. But you can attach it to other shoes by using a sensor pouch. Here are some options if you have this sensor and want to use it with any shoe. That is, with any shoe that has shoelaces as they all rely on attaching them to the top of the shoe using the laces as an anchor.


Nike Plus Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Moire
Nike Air Zoom Moire. Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

The only approved way of using the sensor is to place it in the footbed of a Nike+ shoe. Nike had a selection of shoes decorated with the Nike Swoosh and a plus sign. The Moire was one of the first produced, and I really liked this shoe. The grooved sole allows extreme flexibility, so you can move as you wish — not how the shoe wishes. The upper is very much like the Nike Free 5.0, elastic and comfortable. The Nike Moire is ready for the Nike+ iPod sensor. It has cushioning that the Nike Free lacks, and I found it worked fine for a 10 kilometer/6 mile walk on the street, sidewalk and light gravel.

The Nike+ shoes and sensor have been discontinued.


Griffin Technology Shoe Pouch

Griffin Technology Shoe Pouch
Griffin Technology Shoe Pouch. Wendy Bumgardner

This shoe pouch can be used with the Nike sensor, Fitbit Flex, Misfit, Withings and other fitness trackers. It laces through your shoelaces and securely encases your tracker in a nylon sleeve with double hook-and-loop tab closures. The Griffin logo is reflective, allowing for better night safety.


Nathan Nike+iPod Sensor Pouch

Nathan Sensor Pouch
Nathan Sensor Pouch. Courtesy of Amazon

Nathan makes many running products, including this sturdy little sensor pocket. Like the others, you slip one end under your shoelaces and it folds over and attaches with hook-and-loop fabric. The sensor is secure in the mesh pocket. It has a reflective logo for safety.


Grantwood Sensor Pouch

Grantwood Technology Shoe Pouch
Grantwood Technology Shoe Pouch. Courtesy of Amazon

Attach the pouch by threading it through your shoelaces. You could use this pouch for other sensors that fit its dimensions, or for small pedometers. You get two pouches with each purchase, making it easier to use them with two different pairs of shoes. That is a bonus since it would be harder to transfer this pouch from one pair of shoes to another. You would have to unlace the entire shoe to take it off one and unlace and relace the shoe you are transferring it to.


Marware Sportsuit Sensor

Marware Sensor Pouch
Marware Sensor Pouch. Courtesy of Amazon

This little neoprene and rubber pocket attaches under your shoelaces with hook-and-loop strong closure. It's the same idea as many of the others. It's easy to transfer it from shoe to shoe.


Switcheasy RunAway

SwitchEasy RunAway Pod Holder
SwitchEasy RunAway Pod Holder. Courtesy of Amazon

Clip your Nike sensor into this rigid holder and then you can clip it to the shoelaces of any shoe. The drawback is that this is specific for the Nike shoe sensor. You won't be able to use it for a different pedometer, etc.

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