Pilates for Buff Bones Video Review

pilates for osteoporosis DVD
Pilates for Buff Bones®. Credit: Rebekah Rotstein

Pilates for Buff Bones® provides a full-on work out of osteoporosis safe exercises designed to strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. It is highly recommended.


  • One full workout
  • Includes Rebekah's personal story of being diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 28
  • Includes tips for moving and exercising safely and with good form
  • Includes a section on bone health
  • Excellent workout for anyone
  • Learn exercises safe for osteoporosis
  • Learn what kinds of exercise helps prevent bone loss
  • Easy to follow
  • Customizable workout option


  • Modifications to the exercises are not as extensive as they could be.

Expert Review

There is nothing like a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia to make you feel like you have to compromise your workouts. For those concerned about maintaining bone health the question always arises, what kind of exercise should I be doing? Not only that, but a traditional Pilates workout includes many forward flexion exercises that are contraindicated for osteoporosis. This leaves people confused about whether Pilates is helpful for osteoporosis, as many have heard that it is.

Enter Rebekah Rotstein and Pilates for Buff Bones®. This is not a compromised workout by any stretch of the imagination. It is long, it is varied; and it gets to your abs, back, butt, legs, and arms. There are adaptations of Pilates mat exercises, there are standing exercises, there are exercises with weights, and there are a few designed to "surprise the bones,"  which is one of the ploys we use to put our bones on notice that they have to be strong.

Rebekah teaches with a personable style and the tone of the class gets even more enjoyable as it goes along. She is accompanied by two additional people demonstrating. One takes the exercises to a more advanced level, and one shows modifications. The modifications were the only part I was little disappointed in. I think the DVD could have served an even broader population if there were more modifications. Some exercises could have been shown with less range and the standing exercises could have been shown with a chair or fingertips on the wall. Nevertheless, this DVD delivers. It is a great answer for people looking for bone building and osteoporosis safe exercise.

In my interview with Rebekah, Pilates and Exercise for Osteoporosis, we go into some depth about her approach to exercise for bone health. It is a must-read for those concerned about exercise and osteoporosis and how Pilates fits in. I'll just give you a taste with this quote from Rebekah in the Pilates for Buff Bones® DVD,: "Pilates offers so many fundamentals that are integral to the health of your bones." I do, however, want to mention that the DVD includes an extra section on bone health as well as a very good set of workout tips that I recommend everyone watch before doing the workout.

You will need 2 lb. - 3 lb. hand weights for part of the workout, and a small pillow (optional).

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.