How to Use Periscope for Live Workouts and Fitness Routines

Periscope for Fitness
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If you haven't heard of Periscope, don't worry, you're not alone. This live-streaming video app developed by Twitter is one of many live video platforms picking up steam.

Of course, Periscope isn't the first live-streaming video service to hit the market. Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ have live-streaming options, Instagram and SnapChat allow quick video clips and the now-defunct Meerkat was temporarily popular before Periscope arrived... so why is Periscope getting such a substantial user base?

The answer is simple: It's backed by Twitter's popularity and delivers casual, "come as you are" video that feels more accessible than the more formal production of Google Hangouts or YouTube feeds. Also, anyone can follow anyone else's scope (the term for the live feeds), as long as it's set to public.

Of course, enterprising businesses and individuals are looking for ways to capitalize on the new service, which means fitness professionals are rushing to offer live workouts and fitness tips to gain a following. The trick, though, is actually finding these live workouts and following the correct accounts.

While in Periscope's earliest days it wasn't possible to use hashtags or keywords to search for video feeds, making it difficult to find live streams geared to the type of workout you wanted to perform, the platform has made improvements. As long as you know how to navigate the app, you can search by topic, hashtag, keyword, location, or connection, which makes it easier to find the live streams of Periscope users you already follow on Twitter.

To get started, simply follow these instructions:

1. Sign Up

Duh. If you don't have your own account, you can't follow live workouts. You can get the Android or iPhone app free.

2. Follow Your Favorite Fitness Accounts From Twitter

Because Twitter and Periscope are linked, you can follow your favorite fit tweeters on Periscope with ease. First, make sure you follow top fitness experts on Twitter, then in the Periscope app, click the people icon. The list provided will include the people you follow on Twitter, so you can scroll through or search for the fitness experts you already follow, then simply follow them again on Periscope.

Keep in mind that many of these account holders may not be active scopers. That's okay! If you follow them now, you'll automatically receive notifications later if they choose to stream live on Periscope.

3. Search by Keyword

With the app's more robust search feature, you can now search for scope topic by keyword. Simply select the search icon and type in the keyword you're looking for, such as "workout," "fitness," "yoga," or "exercise." Not all of the search results will provide live workouts or workout guidance from certified professionals, but it's an easy way to find scopers regularly talking about and sharing workout tips and ideas.

4. Search for Periscope Workouts on Twitter

Granted, this is a clunky way to find live workouts on Periscope, but it does work. Whenever a public broadcast goes live on Periscope, the scoper has the option to share the broadcast to Twitter. The tweet looks something like this:

"LIVE on #Periscope: [Title of Broadcast] [@username] [link to broadcast]"

By searching Twitter using the hashtags #Periscope and #workout, you can find accounts that are actively streaming video on Periscope. Granted, many of these live links will have expired by the time you check the link, but you can still follow the user to be notified when they host a new live workout down the line.

5. Follow Accounts Already Streaming Live Workouts on Periscope

While not many users have made a name for themselves yet on the live-streaming Periscope front, many are starting to take hold. Consider following these accounts to help get you started:

  • @PearlStreetFit - Hosts two to three live workouts each week lasting 20-30 minutes
  • @BeachYogaGirl - Streams live yoga classes
  • @ShaunTFitness - The genius behind the Insanity workouts has no problem streaming workouts live to his more than 2.2 million followers
  • @RNFitness - Rachael offers live workouts every Wednesday (which she announces on Tuesday night), then posts the workout to her YouTube channel
  • @SaraHaleyFit - This pre- and post-natal fitness expert and celebrity trainer offers great, real-world workouts that even get her kids involved
  • @PowerFitness - Erin offers quick Tabata workouts every Tuesday at 12:34 that you can do anywhere, with or without kids in tow

6. Get Moving and Experiment

Periscope, and live streaming video in general is still in its very early days. Expect things to grow and change, and in the meantime, take advantage of the fitness culture as it emerges. Go ahead and do the workouts available, and be on the lookout for new users on a regular basis.

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