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Along with being a certified personal trainer for more than 16 years, Paige is the author of the Guide to Getting in Shape, co-author of The Buzz on Exercise & Fitness, and author of the e-book Guide to Become a Personal Trainer. Paige has written articles for Desert Paradise, Pregnancy Magazine, Runner's World and many other websites, newsletters and magazines.

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Paige is certified for personal training through the American Council on Exercise. She also holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Memphis.

A Word From Paige Waehner

It's difficult to stay motivated to exercise, but the Internet is an excellent source for information and support. My content provides information about every aspect of exercise, from losing weight and getting healthy to getting your mind prepared for exercise and changing your lifestyle. You'll also find a variety of free workouts for exercisers, articles, FAQs and a community dedicated to helping you get and stay in shape.

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