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Nothing drags your workout rhythm down as much as a slow, slow song on your music player. PaceDJ is a great app that sorts through your iTunes library or chosen playlist and then lets you select the pace of music you want for your workout. This is an easy-to-use app that is great for walkers, runners and cyclists.

Get Moving at the Right Tempo - Music BPM - Beats per Minute

The PaceDJ app is simple to set up. You can let it loose on your entire music library or select a playlist you have already built. You tell it about yourself. First, are you going to be walking, running or cycling? Next, are you going to be going slow, moderate or fast? Next, your gender, then your height. For age, it tops out at "over 60," which made me feel like a geezer. Next, fitness level from beginner to advanced and even to professional. With all of this data, it suggests a tempo for your activity. For me, it picked 130 BPM for a fast-walking, short, intermediate level mature woman and then it was ready to analyze my songs for ones that matched with in 5 BPM of 130.

It analyzes each song for its beats per minute. You then select a tempo that will match your workout and you have an instant music mix for that pace. They suggest 500 songs to choose from for the best mix.

You can scroll through the songs selected and prioritize them with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Those you give the thumbs up to will be played first. Those you give thumbs down remain on your playlist but are at lower priority. If a song has an incorrect BPM, you can fix it by tapping out the beat on the drum icon.

You can choose the range of beats per minute that will be played, from 0 to 10 bpm of your chosen pace. PaceDJ will also play half tempo and double tempo songs that relate to that range. A wider range means more songs. Now, just open PaceDJ when you want to start your workout and it will play the mix for whatever tempo you choose.

BPM Shifting: You can also use BPM shifting, with PaceDJ changing the BPM of songs that are stored on your device to match your pace. I find that disconcerting, but you may enjoy it.

Interval Workouts: You can set up interval workouts and the BPM you want for your slow, moderate, and fast intervals. They have built-in interval workout profiles or you can build your own.

Workout Tracking: If you use PaceDJ during a workout, it shows your distance, speed and time and tracks it in a workout history.

What is the Right Tempo for Walking Workouts?

PaceDJ links to James Sundquist's list of suggested tempos for walking, running and biking at various speeds. It was fun to see this link, as he and I linked to each other long ago in the early days of the web. His suggested walking paces include 120 bpm for 3 mph, 130 bpm for 3.5 mph, 140 bpm for 4 mph, 150 bpm for 4.3 mph.

How do you know what pace you want? Use our Walking Pace Calculator to find your walking pace.

I have a "Race" playlist that I built just by eyeballing which songs I thought were peppy. Running it through PaceDJ confirmed that I was on the right track.

When you are in the middle of your workout and feel like you need to speed up or slow down, you can access PaceDJ and simply hit the up or down arrow next to the Target BPM to adjust it.

Bottom Line on the PaceDJ App

This app was just what I wanted to build a race mix or a workout mix. They have suggested playlists on their site for walking, running and biking at different paces.

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