Owala’s FreeSip Water Bottle Has a Clever Design Hack That Makes Me Drink More

It’s simple, but it works

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Owala FreeSip Water Bottle Review

Verywell Fit / David Hattan

I’m a firm believer in having an emotional support water bottle. But while I have my old standbys (including my beloved Stanley FlowState Tumbler), I’m always looking for new bottles to add to my weekly rotation. So when people started buzzing about Owala’s FreeSip Water Bottle on TikTok, I was curious to see if this new and (supposedly) improved bottle lived up to the hype. 

At first glance, the FreeSip looks like many other stainless steel water bottles. But what sets it apart is its round silhouette and curved lid. The sleek design is available in three sizes (24, 32, and 40 ounces) and a wide range of fun color combinations, like Pomegranate Parade and Summer Sweetness. It’s also worth noting that the FreeSip is notoriously easier to get your hands on than a Stanley Tumbler—another point for Owala.

Owala FreeSip

Verywell Fit / Sarah Felbin

Owala FreeSip Water Bottle, $32 at amazon.com and walmart.com

As soon as my FreeSip arrived, I started to understand why everyone likes it so much. The matte coating never sweats, meaning I can set my bottle down on any surface (like my counters, my coffee table, or the gym floor) without worrying about annoying rings or slippery puddles.

It’s also super durable—even after multiple drops, there’s no show of any chips or dents. And the lid flips open with one finger, at the touch of a button. After owning mine for almost a year, I’m impressed that it still looks and works the same as the day I unboxed it. 

The FreeSip is well-insulated and keeps my water cold for hours at a time. Ice takes almost a whole day to melt. It’s also worth noting that the bottle’s dishwasher-safe lid has a plastic straw that’s attached—meaning you can’t lose it and it’s easy to clean. 

I appreciate the carrying handle, which is sturdy enough that it hasn’t cracked, but thin enough that I can hold it easily with just two or three fingers. Plus, it functions as a lock, so I can’t accidentally open the bottle and spill the contents without manually flipping it over.

Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Owala FreeSip Water Bottle, $32 at amazon.com and walmart.com

But where the FreeSip really shines is its unique spout. The patented design offers two ways to hydrate: You can sip through the smaller straw opening or tilt the bottle to drink through the larger spout opening. 

As a certified sipper, I adore that I don’t have to buy a separate lid to use my FreeSip in a way that works for me. This is why I usually steer away from the popular HydroFlasks. Instead, my Owala bottle has the flexibility of both, without any additional costs. 

Owala FreeSip

Verywell Fit / Sarah Felbin

Initial TikTok fame aside, the FreeSip also has over 12,000 five-star reviews from shoppers on Amazon. “The unicorn of water bottles!” one user said. 

“It is hands down the best water bottle I've ever owned,” said another reviewer. “It genuinely encourages me to drink more water throughout the day. The ease of use and convenience of the straw makes it simple to stay hydrated without any hassle.”

Grab yours for $32 at Amazon or Walmart.