Omron Alvita Ultimate HJ-329 Pedometer

Highly Accurate Waistband or Pocket Pedometer

Omron Alvita Ultimate HJ-329 Pedometer

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The Omron Alvita Ultimate HJ-329 Pedometer is a good choice for a highly accurate pedometer to wear on your waistband or carry in a pocket. It's old-school in that it doesn't sync data to a mobile app or computer, but it has a 7-day memory so you can track your stats.

In addition to counting steps, miles (or kilometers), and calories, it tracks aerobic steps per day. It has a tri-axis accelerometer mechanism, so it isn't fussy about how you wear it. The pedometer comes with a silicone clip case, so you can either carry it in your pocket or slip it into the case to wear on your waistband. It is the update to the popular Omron HJ-112 pedometer.

The display has large, readable numbers. It's a great choice for those who want a pedometer that doesn't require a smartphone app or need recharging every few days.

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Features of the Omron Alvita HJ-329 Pedometer

  • Accurate when worn in any position
  • 7-day memory
  • Counts steps, aerobic steps, distance, and activity calories.
  • Silent
  • Comes with a removable clip and a security leash
  • Uses a replaceable CR2032 battery with a 6-month average lifespan.


  • Larger than some pedometers - 2.25 inches x 1.75 inches, and 1/2 inch thick without the clip, 1 inch thick with the clip.
  • It does not track individual workouts. It only records all-day steps and a total of aerobic steps for the day.
  • Does not sync data to an app or computer

Expert Review - Omron Alvita Ultimate HJ-329 Pedometer

The step counter counts all steps throughout the day, resetting automatically at midnight. When you reach 10,000 steps for the day, a little walking figure waves at you to celebrate. It has a large display that is easy to read and includes the time of day. Other functions include activity calories burned, distance, and aerobic steps.

You won't have to bring along an instruction manual to operate it. It is always on and counting steps, and you can't accidentally reset it by pressing a button. One button is the memory button to review past days. The home button shows the current day. The walk button allows you to scroll through steps, distance, calories, and aerobic steps. The display turns off after five minutes without pressing a button, but it returns by pressing any of the three buttons.

This pedometer eliminates "junk steps" by not displaying steps until you have walked continuously for four seconds. If you've walked for more than four seconds, it keeps those steps and adds them to your total and keeps counting.

Aerobic Steps: Aerobic steps are tracked when you walk or run more than 60 steps per minute for more than 10 minutes or more. If you pause for one minute or less after walking for 10 minutes, it continues to record aerobic steps for that workout. However, you can't stop it or start it yourself, so you can't isolate one workout within a day. If you take three 15-minute walks, you would only see the total steps rather than three separate walks. It doesn't record aerobic minutes, so if you have a goal of 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity exercise, you will have to equate that to steps.

Distance: For the distance measurement, you need to accurately enter your average stride length. The Alvita pedometer makes a suggested stride length based on your height and weight, which is a good starting point. You may want to use its suggestion and then lengthen it if it seems to underestimate distance, or shorten it if it seems to overestimate distance.

Calories: The calorie count is for walking/running calories burned, over and above your basal metabolic rate.

Memory: You can review your totals for the past seven days. The pedometer is not linked to an app, and you can't download it to a computer, so if you want to keep track for a longer period, use one of our walking logs.

Wearing It: You can carry this as a pocket pedometer or clip it to your waistband. It's a little too large for me to clip to my neckline or bra, although it is very lightweight. If you have had difficulty getting accurate readings with pedometers that need to be worn perpendicular to the ground, you should get better readings with the Alvita. If you prefer a slimmer design, I'd suggest the Omron HJ-321, which also has a highly accurate tri-axis mechanism.

Power: The pedometer uses a replaceable CR2032 battery, with a lifespan of 6 months if you walk 10,000 steps per day.

The Bottom Line on the Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

This is a good choice for a reasonably-priced no-hassle, highly accurate pedometer.

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