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Nutrition Basics

Understanding the fundamentals of good nutrition and how food fuels your body can help you make smarter decisions and build meals that nourish your body.
Woman shopping at a farmers market
What You Need to Know About GMOs
Woman at dinner table
6 Tips for Dealing With Food Anxiety
Monitoring blood sugar after a workout
Food Timing and Exercise With Hypoglycemia
Man drinking a green smoothie
How Exercise Affects Appetite and Hunger, and What This Means for You
variety of breakfast foods eggs avocado salmon toast
Energize Your Day With a Protein-Packed Breakfast
Dairy Products: Dairy Products on Blue Background with Copy Space
Foods High in Vitamin B12
woman holding chest with heartburn
Home Remedies for Heartburn
Women lying on couch not feeling well
Home Remedies for GERD
Whole grains
Whole Wheat vs. Whole Grains
What Are Macro Calculators And Trackers?
Vegan salad with quinoa, red orange and black olives
Farro vs. Quinoa: How They Compare, According to Dietitians
picture of dark agave
Agave vs. Honey: How They Compare, According to Dietitians
woman reading ingredients label
Everything You Need to Know About TBHQ
Someone making a cheese board
8 Most Common Food Allergies
mushroom coffee
What is Mushroom Coffee?
Why BMI is not the best unit of measurement
Why BMI May Not Be the Best Metric
Woman grocery shopping
What Do Expiration Dates on Foods Really Mean?
Honey drizzle
How Manuka Honey Differs From Regular Honey
What Is Caffeine Tolerance?
Baking soda in a kitchen jar
What's the Difference Between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?
Bottles of water lined up against water outside.
What is Alkaline Water?
Is lemon water good for you?
Is Lemon Water Good for You?
Two ice water glasses with lemons and yellow straws.
Is Flavored Water Good For You?
Couple cooking with phone
What Are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?
How Long Do Leftovers Last In the Fridge?
Young Asian woman grocery shopping in supermarket and holding a bottle of fresh milk - stock photo
What Do the Seals and Certifications on Food Packaging Mean?
Soy beans, Tofu, Tempeh, Edamame
Tempeh vs. Tofu: How They Compare, According to Dietitians
Young Woman Suffering Headache In Bed - stock photo
How To Identify Copper Deficiency
Foods for Healthy Hair
Want Healthy Hair? Add These Foods to Your Diet
Healthiest Types of Bread
What Are the Healthiest Types of Bread?
Girl eating from cheese board
What Are the 'Healthiest' Types of Cheese?
Green vegetables
10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin K
10 Foods That Are Easy to Digest
Coffee pour
Does Coffee Dehydrate You?
Spoons full of grains
12 High-Protein Grains to Add to Your Diet
Quinoa in a measuring cup
Quinoa vs. Rice: What's the Healthier Grain?
Doctor and patient.
High Cholesterol? Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Lower It Without Medication
Mature woman checking package of meat, rear view, close-up
Use-By, Sell-By, and Best-By: What's the Difference?
9 Facts About Micronutrients
Man looking into empty fridge at night
Understanding Food Security and Food Insecurity
Vegetarian Diet
7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Make You Sick
Cottonseed Oil
Know Your Cooking Oil Smoke Points
An everything bagel topped with sliced avocados, situated on a white plate next to a latte.
Vegan vs. Vegetarian: What’s the Difference?
black beans
Why Soaking Beans Might Be Healthier
Skirt Steak
Is There Formaldehyde Lurking in Your Favorite Foods?
What are Nightshade Vegetables?
cup of black coffee
Exactly How Much Caffeine Is in Your Cup of Coffee?
bowl of high-fiber fruit
17 High-Fiber Fruits to Add to Your Diet
Woman eating croissant in coffee shop
What is Intuitive Eating?
Ice cream in a bowl
The Ultimate Guide to Dairy-Free Ice Creams
Soy milk
Does Soy Milk Affect Estrogen Levels?
Muscovado sugar in a bowl
What Is Muscovado Sugar and How Is It Used?
Invert sugar on a spoon
What You Should Know About Invert Sugar
How Plant-Based Proteins Can Fit Into Your Family's Diet
The Effects of Protein Deficiency
Cottage cheese
Research Shows a Paradox on Full-Fat Dairy Diets
types of salt
Are Some Salts Healthier Than Others?
What a nutritious diet looks like
How to Eat a Nutritious Diet for Fueling Your Body
Cress, Beet, Raddish and Rocket Microgreens.
Microgreens and Their Possible Health Benefits
Is Added Fiber Good for You?