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Man with peas
Diet Changes When Young May Add a Decade to Your Life, Study Says
mature woman exercising
To Avoid Age-Related Pain, Study Suggests Ramping Up Your Workouts
Healthy fats help with sleep
The Foods You Choose Can Impact Your Sleep, New Review Shows
woman with beans
Researchers Suggest Food Fortification to Up Fiber Intake
Dry, Itchy Eyes? Study Says Exercise Could Help
Older woman exercising
Stable Weight Tied to Cognitive Function as You Age
Man tying running shoes
Super Cushioned Running Shoes Do Not Affect Stride, Study Finds
Heart health image
New Report Outlines Heart Health Goals for People With Type 2 Diabetes
Family with wine
Mediterranean Diet Inversely Associated With All-Cause Mortality, Study Says
Sweets are a popular feature for celebrity posts
Celebrity Social Media Posts Fail to Feature Nutritious Diets, Study Shows
woman picking up ground beef
Planet-Friendly Eating Easier with One Swap Per Day, Study Says
outdoor run
Short Run May Improve Brain Function, Study Says
Grocery shopping using an app
Missing Food Labels at Online Retailers Need to Be Fixed, Study Shows
Pool exercise
Pool-based Exercise Highly Effective for Chronic Back Pain
Goji berries
Goji Berry Consumption Tied to Better Vision as You Age
Olive oil
Higher Olive Oil Intake Associated With Lower Mortality Rates, Study Shows
Grip strength
The Link Between Grip Strength and Longer Life
Woman looking at a menu
Calorie Counts on Menus Impact Food Choices, Study Says
Woman eating sugary foods
Less Sleep Could Increase Sugar Cravings in Teens, Study Says
Getting ready to go for a walk
Exercise Interventions Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms, Study Shows
woman meeting with dietitian
Study Reveals Lack of Diversity Among Nutrition Professionals
Woman exercising
Midlife Exercise May Lower Chronic Disease Risk, Study Says
Man selecting yogurt
Yogurt May Help Manage High Blood Pressure, Study Says
Colorful meals options in a plant-based diet
Plant-Based Diet Lowers Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer, Study Says
Night shift
Daytime Meals Could Mitigate Night Shift Risks, Researchers Say
People comparing heart rate
Elevated Heart Rate Linked to Dementia Risk, Study Says
Woman wearing work tracker
Fitness Trackers Could Improve Work Productivity, Study Says
High FODMAP foods include onions and garlic
Low FODMAP Diet Helps with IBS-P Subtype
Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables are Associated with Happiness, Study Says
Older people hiking
Humans Evolved to Be Physically Active During Aging, Researchers Suggest
people exercising
Exercise Raises Body's Cannabis-Like Substance, Study Says
Back pain
Smartphone Apps Fall Short for Back Pain, Study Suggests
Teens running
Exercise Can Reduce Stress, But There's a Catch According to Researchers
children eating
Researchers Say Food Knowledge Gap in Kids Could Impact Climate Change
Food environments impact diabetes risk
Food Environment Affects Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Says
Woman eating alone
Eating Alone May Raise Heart Risks for Women, Study Says
woman in snack aisle
Ultra-Processed Foods May Have a Place in a Balanced Diet, Study Says
AHA Offers New Dietary Guidance to Improve Heart Health
AHA Offers New Dietary Guidance to Improve Heart Health
Woman walking with baby
Walking May Reduce Postpartum Depression Symptoms, Study Says
Vegetables and fruits
Are Plant-Based Foods Beneficial for Skin?
Fast food burger
Researchers Find Common Endocrine Disruptor in Variety of Fast Foods
Foods on a Mediterranean Diet
Study Attempts to Determine if Mediterranean Diets Need to Be Organic
woman in grocery store
Nutrient Profiling Systems—More Harmful Than Helpful?
Sodium is added to many foods
FDA Calls On Manufacturers, Restaurants to Reduce Sodium in Foods
Man biking
Cardio May Boost Cells More Than Strength Training, Study Says
Mushroom Consumption May Lower Depression Risk, Study Says
Climate Change May Increase Obesity, Researchers Suggest
family with strawberries
Daily Strawberry Consumption and Insulin Resistance
diet soda
Diet Drinks May Increase Hunger, Study Suggests
Kids eating lunch
Food Choices Can Affect Mental Well-Being in Children, Study Shows
Man with back pain
Focusing on Mind-Body Connection Could Help Back Pain
Choosing yogurt
Even High-Fat Dairy May Be Heart Healthy, Study Suggests
Foods from the MIND Diet
MIND Diet is Associated with Better Cognitive Function, Study Shows
Assortment of nuts
Nuts Do Not Lead to Weight Gain, Meta-Analysis Shows
Women working out
To Curb Obesity Risks, Researchers Call for Fitness Over Weight Loss
Woman standing while working
Standing More Often May Lower Chronic Disease Risk
Man running
Eating Fruits and Vegetables, Plus Exercise, Could Boost Happiness
Cereal bowl
Your Breakfast Should Include Fiber, Recent Study Shows
Vegetables and Fruit
High Vegetable and Fruit Intake Lowers Risk of Depression, Study Shows
Woman with hands on belly
Gassy on a Plant-Based Diet? Study Suggests That May Be a Good Sign