Nikki Elmwood

Fact Checker
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Nutritional science, physical fitness, exercise and chronic health conditions


Portland State University


Nikki Elmwood is a fact-checker who uses her expertise to ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of Verywell Fit articles. She is experienced with fact-checking a wide range of topics that range from nutritional science to exercise and chronic health conditions. She has a strong interest in science-based wellness, including both conventional and integrative modalities.


Nikki Elmwood is a meticulous professional with over six years of experience fact-checking a wide range of topics for both print and online media. In addition to her fact-checking experience, she also has several years of valuable editing, proofreading, and writing experience. Some of her freelance editing clients have included producers of educational materials for organizations in a variety of different fields ranging from healthcare to biotechnology, and this experience has informed her work at Dotdash.


Nikki received a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University.

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