Natural Weight Loss Methods

If you're trying to lose weight, you don't necessarily need a pill, expensive treatment, or risky surgery to reach your goals. There are effective ways to enhance weight loss naturally.

Holistic weight loss techniques are generally free and relatively easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

These methods can do more than assist with weight loss; they can also help you relax, become more active, eat healthier, and get a better night's sleep.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements for weight loss

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You've seen them online, on television, and in stores. Herbal supplements are derived from plants and used as natural remedies for everything from the common cold to weight loss.

Many herbal supplements advertise for weight loss claim to work miracles. Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, and bitter orange are just a few of the popular products you may find on the market.

Find out what real science says about these herbs, pills, and potions before you risk losing your money, or worse, harming your health.


Acupuncture for weight loss

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The traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture is often used to support weight loss. Some say it's even as effective as common prescription obesity drugs.

As an alternative therapy with little risk of negative side effects, should you invest time and money into this practice? To find out what acupuncture can and cannot do for weight loss journey, talk to a licensed practitioner.


Meditation for weight loss

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Meditation is a popular way to relax, reduce stress, and enjoy better health. It's the practice of becoming more mindful by focusing your thoughts on the present moment. Mindful meditation can reduce binges and curb emotional eating. But can it help you lose weight?

Although meditation alone may not be enough to make major changes, it can support other healthy lifestyle efforts. Learn how to improve your relationship with food by adjusting your mindset through the power of meditation.

Yoga and Stretching

yoga for weight loss

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Yoga can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. But does it lead to actual weight loss? Different yoga classes vary greatly in intensity. Depending on your instructor and the type of yoga that you do, it could play a major or minor role in your overall weight loss journey.

Yoga incorporates breathing and meditation to reduce stress, which can have a beneficial effect on your eating habits and enhance your mind-body connection.

Get tips from a fitness expert who has a few words of advice (and caution) about relying on yoga and stretching to lose weight.

Tai Chi

tai chi to lose weight

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Some forms of exercise are more accessible to a variety of people. Tai Chi is one of them. Using a series of flowing movements, Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise to get your body moving more.

Getting involved in a group exercise program, like Tai Chi, is a great way to stay accountable and consistent while developing a new habit of regular physical activity.

Find out how to find the best classes for you, and see our list of other low impact workout programs to consider adding to your repertoire.


Massage for weight loss

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Need an excuse to schedule a spa day? Believe it or not, relaxing with a therapeutic massage may boost your weight loss results.

Not only do massages reduce stress, but they can also help support muscle recovery after a tough workout. A good massage may increase your range of motion, making it easier to perform a variety of exercises.

Massages are a non-food related way to reward yourself for reaching personal goals. Instead of resorting to unhealthy food rewards, a massage is a healthy way to treat yourself.

Find out why it works and how you can incorporate massages as part of a comprehensive weight-loss strategy.

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